4 Energy-Boosting Workouts For You To Try At Home

The gyms are limited in capacity due to the pandemic so many people are in need of home workouts. Walking around outside, jumping rope, or playing a socially distant sport are also great alternatives or additions to workout videos you can do in the comfort of your living room. Here are a few YouTube fitness channels you should check out. They are fun, high energy, and full of variety to keep things interesting.

1.Chloe Ting

This gal has different types of exercises from weight workouts, to abs, to arms, back, legs, and full-body workouts. You are able to target a specific area you want to focus on or just change it up and do a bunch of different kinds. This specific video works on abs but it also requires you to stand so you don’t have to keep switching between the floor and standing up. It’s also great because it doesn’t leave the neck sore or lead to carpet burn on the knees.

2.The Fitness Marshall

This guy is all fun! His commentary and the way he teaches the dances are always funny, energetic, and easy to follow. His personality along with the vast array of awesome songs leads you to do many videos back to back.

3.Sunny Funny Fitness

This is another dance fitness YouTube channel. The instructor’s teaching is easy to follow and she uses a variety of music genres, from Zumba-inspired to K-pop to pop.

4.POPSUGAR Fitness

You can expect anything from Bollywood, Zumba dances, kickboxing, straight-up cardio, or weight training workouts, and many more from this channel. With upbeat Bollywood dance videos and easy to learn choreographies, you’ll be sweating in no time. This kickboxing video is a blast! The teacher is very energetic and helps you get through the harder moves. Also, there is no equipment required, which makes the exercises easier, and even more enjoyable.

Nervous about going to the gym or you simply want to workout without a mask or restrictions? Here are some great at-home options for you. So get up, move, and have fun!

Featured Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


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