5 Reasons Adults Who Play Video Games Are Happier

It was a Wednesday night and I just got back home from another meaningless 2-hour meeting my boss held. Don’t get me wrong — I love my job and colleagues. However, just like any human, I’ve experienced the pleasure of getting stuck in a meeting when all the main points have already been discussed, but no one has the guts to end the nightmare. So, when I got home, I called my friend Veronica, but she replied that she was too tired. As a result, I was left with a free night with nothing to do. At first, I thought several glasses of wine would do, but then, as I casually asked her what she was up to instead of meeting me, she replied that such nights were meant for video games.

To me, video games were something only teenagers indulged in. However, I decided to do a bit more research because the more stress-releasing techniques there are the better. Not only have I found out that video games could make life a bit more relaxed, but they could also improve it. So here are top six mind-blowing reasons why video games can actually make us happier.

1. Games reduce stress levels.

The trick is very easy: Video games may take away your attention from the hot spot. Hypothetically, if you are a guru of meditation and can completely focus on anything you are doing, be it washing the dishes, shopping, etc. without having your thoughts fly back to the work challenges, problems in your relationship, or possible ways to conquer the world, you don’t need video games. However, if you look in the mirror and don’t see a Shaolin monk looking back at you, you might want to try some video games. After all, you’ll have to focus on the game not to lose, but even if the game is tough, you won’t feel a lot of pressure because it’s just a game! 

2. The sweet feeling of winning.

This is one of the easy ways to trick your mind as well as work on self-confidence. Once you pass that next level, your hormones will start dancing in an euphoric circle reminding you how awesome you are! Especially if you constantly have a lot of things to do and are afraid to look at your to-do list, it will feel great to experience the joy of success even in something as small as a video game.

3. You don’t age.

Getting competitive in a good way over a video game does make us feel younger. When your day is extremely serious or filled with tough decisions and hard conversations, let the games bring back the feeling of undeniable joyfulness — like the one we felt when we were kids. You are going to feel younger and more energetic.

4. They improve your relationships.

Since video games are so lighthearted, they can help us ease the tension within our relationships. Imagine both of you coming home without a full tank of energy and slightly irritated. From my experience, such nights may end in an unpleasant way. So don’t forget to order some food and launch that game.

5. You learn to live a balanced life.

Of course, I’m not saying that now you need to come home and play video games every night to be a happier adult. However, playing once or twice a week will definitely make you look at life in a more playful manner. There is time to be a serious grownup, but there should also be time for something easy and stress-free. It’s about allowing yourself to let go and be a kid that lives inside of you.

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