5 Tips To Help Make Virtual Meetings Less Stressful For You


Virtual meetings are now the norm. While many love the convenience of working from home and jumping online for these check-ins, they can also be annoying — especially if you get stuck in them for hours on end each day. However, you can avoid the frustration that comes with virtual meetings if you follow these helpful steps:

Arrive prepared. 

Anything can happen during the meeting. Your boss might suddenly ask you to present what you’ve been working on or at least provide detailed updates. Therefore, make sure you prepare for every meeting and take some time to jot down questions or comments you’d like to share before the meeting starts.

Test your connection.

An inadequate internet connection can impact your ability to join meetings and communicate your ideas. Therefore, you should always check your internet connection before the meeting begins. If you feel like your connection isn’t strong, consider dialing into the meeting instead of joining via computer. Also, if your internet constantly lags, you should probably contact your internet service provider to see if you need a better package.

Learn to listen.

Like any other meeting, virtual discussions can end up very heated. What’s worse, virtual meetings take away body language and can lead to misunderstandings or even people talking on top of each other. Instead of arguing or letting your emotions get the better of you, use these meetings as an opportunity to practice active listening skills. This will help you calm down and respond in more thoughtful ways.

Keep things in perspective.

The fact that you’re still able to work is already a blessing. Many lost their jobs because of the closure of businesses. Therefore, you need to enjoy your job. Don’t take things too seriously. Smile when you face a challenging situation. Relax if you think it’s getting tense. Besides, you can talk to the person you have arguments with privately. You don’t have to resolve everything during the meeting. 

Relax when meetings are over.

Virtual meetings can feel even more taxing than in-person ones, so find something to look forward to once the meeting is over. Hop into your shower cubicle or go outside for a walk. These quick breaks will help you re-center yourself so that you can remain productive for the rest of the work day. After all, you deserve some time to rest!

Work life might have to stay this way for a while, and you may have no choice but to adapt to these changes. Learn to make the most of the situation and use it as an opportunity to be better at your job. Stressing out won’t help. We already face plenty of stressful situations. You shouldn’t add to them. 

Featured Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash.


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