5 Cottagecore Inspired Outfits For The Fall


Although summer is over, the fashion trends will likely carry on into the fall season. One trendy aesthetic is ‘Cottagecore’ — a movement inspired by fruit prints and gardens. Other websites such as WhoWhatWear, Insider, The New York Times, and Vox have covered the trend but…

… The story behind it is much more fascinating. The fruit-print didn’t specifically evolve with fashion, but with a digital subculture.

If you want to hop onto the trendy fashion market, Unwritten has got you covered. But before we begin, let’s first define ‘Cottagecore’ and its relation to fruit prints. 

Fruit-prints and the ‘Cottagecore’ aesthetic

Even though we suspect that fruit prints have started to emerge as a trend during the pandemic, the aesthetic itself has first witnessed an increase in popularity at the start of 2020. The movement started on Tumblr as a response to minimalistic designs and overwhelming geopolitical events. 

Amanda Brennan, Tumblr’s Head of Content Insights and Social, stated that many users thought of ‘cottagecore’ as a means of escapism. The DIY elements such as baking bread, knitting, and making pottery, have allowed people to find new hobbies. Due to this new movement, people have improvised their lifestyle towards a more ‘rural-inspired’ approach. Everyone definitely wants to escape to a cottage these days, but let’s not forget that fruit-patterns are an important part of ‘cottagecore.’

Fruit-prints and fashion

Throughout the marvelous eras of fashion innovations and designs, fruit prints have experienced their fair share of popularity. The pattern itself seemed to also be trending in the past, reported by Vogue in 2018. Regardless of the origins and history, here are five fruit-print outfits that will remind you of a nostalgic fall at the cottage:

1. Fruit Print Cashmere Sweater with Jeans


As the temperatures decrease, many will feel the need to dress warmly and fashionably. For those who still want to don adorable, fruit patterns, purchasing a sweater may be the solution. A pair of skinny jeans or bell-bottoms will do!

2. Fruit Print Pants with Neutral-Colored Top


How cute are these, honestly? Adding fruit-printed pants to a neutral-colored wardrobe will definitely add a pop of color to the existing collection. The outfit is super unique to the point where the garment can turn heads. Everyone, in the workplace or school, will be admiring the innovative and creative aspect of this adorable outfit.

3. Fruit Printed Scarf


A great way to spice up a fall jacket is by adding a fruit-printed scarf. Everyone needs some fun in fashion and clothes, especially during the Autumn. After all, fruits aren’t going anywhere, and what’s better not to reminisce about the summer events?

4. Vintage Fruit-Print Long Dress


On warmer days, try wearing a dress with a different aesthetic! Vintage fashion is great for a change in style or vibe. Sometimes, it’s great to travel back in time with a certain piece of garment.

5. Flower-Fruit Printed Blouse


Flowery prints and silhouettes can change up a business-casual outfit for the office anytime. For those who want to add some excitement and exuberance amid a stressful work environment, opting for more color and prints in your office wardrobe is a great idea.

Fashion is intertwined in our daily lives and the media. The fruit prints are an example of this, as the trend originally started with ‘cottagecore.’ As clothing becomes more interconnected with current events, we can’t wait to see future trends emerging! Hence, this pandemic has really taught us to be fashion-forward and imaginative.

Photo by alexey turenkov on Unsplash


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