6 Places You Can Sell Or Donate Your Clothing

We’ve all witnessed the moment when we felt that a clothing item in our wardrobe was becoming obsolete. Instead of wearing the garment it remains in our closet and we choose another item to wear.. Purchasing clothing is already a difficult decision in itself but being resourceful with unused clothing is more of a challenge. Although the process of sending used clothes can be daunting, the number of places and benefits that exist make the procedure more convenient.

With that being said, here is a list of places where you can donate your used clothes as soon as possible:

Thrift Stores

Note: Check here to see if your local thrift store accepts donations and remember to check on their website about COVID-19 restrictions. 

These stores are the perfect place to donate clothing and items you no longer use. Many thrift shops usually have a box for donations at the store entrance.The clothing items received by the second-hand brand can be both resold and donated to other charitable organizations. Therefore, you aren’t only making a difference in saving your wardrobe but playing a role in saving the world as well.

If you want to send in a second-hand garment, you can simply inquire at the nearest thrift stores about their process for sending used clothing. Below are some examples of non-profit and for-profit thrift stores that accept multiple different items:

Non-for-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations focus on a social cause while adhering to a public goal. Some of them function like charities, working towards achieving equality for many people in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, a couple accept used clothing as donations in order to raise funds, accomplish their mission statement, or achieve social equality. What’s not better than giving back to the company? Here is a list to help you get started today:

Online Consignment Store

Similar to the functions of a thrift shop, an online consignment store primarily sells used clothing on behalf of the original owner. In this case, the owner of the garment and the organization will both share a portion of the profits. With e-commerce and online shopping becoming more of a trend, online consignment stores specialized in second-hand clothing have popped up all over social media. If you want to snag some cash from your used clothing item, try out these places:

Sell them on Social Media Apps and the Internet

Creating a social media account is the most effective method for reaching a large target audience in a short amount of time. Nowadays, social media is popular, so there are applications and websites dedicated to second-hand clothing. For example, Facebook also has its own marketplace where users sell and exchange their items with other consumers. These websites allow users to search for an affordable product with the best offerings. Here are some examples below:

Local Churches

Most churches will accept clothing donations as they perceive it as a way to give back to the community. Before dropping off your second-hand garments, it is best to call the church and ask them about their donation process. The criteria may vary depending on the location and situation. Regardless of their procedure, many churches will definitely appreciate the act of reusing and renewing worn garments.


School curriculums are focused on protecting the environment and achieving goals, many teachers may have started a recycled-clothing campaign. If this doesn’t sound familiar to the schools in your area, you can still call ahead to ask about clothing donations. Most of the time, the staff are likely to accept second-hand clothing as it aligns well with many societal and environmental beliefs.

So many places that accept donated clothing and we’re spoiled with a variety of choices. The local thrift store, school, organization, church, or consignment store is looking for multiple used items more than ever. Although neglecting a garment in your wardrobe may seem inefficient at first, giving your item to an organization provides more benefits than perceived. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

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