13 Not So Obvious Signs Your Crush Wants To Kiss You

Reading men can be so difficult because they literally are the most confusing creatures on the planet. What do they mean? What are they thinking? What are their intentions? Nobody freaking knows. However, when it comes to reading if they want to kiss you it’s actually really obvious once you notice the signs most men do it literally every time before a first kiss. 

Take these as signs, or consider them a potential checklist before they do it, 90% of guys are guilty of doing almost all of these in this exact order. 

  1. He sits/stands as close to you as possible.

 He’ll try to be so close to you that you could be touching at times 

  1. He lingers.

 Maybe he hugs you a bit longer than usual,  stay at the doorway for a little bit longer when saying goodbye or even just stare at you when you talk during a normal conversation.

  1. He touches you as much as possible (appropriately, of course).

 From high fives to handshakes or bumping hips casually in a crowded room. Any excuse to have physical contact he’ll take it.

  1. He openly flirts with you.

 The basic “you smell good”, “you look great” compliments are always included, but he’ll also joke around with you in a playful, flirtatious way. And he’ll be kind of obvious about it to everyone else but you.

  1. He mirrors your movements.

 You might not notice this right away, but if he’s interested his body will do what yours is too. He’ll lick his lips when you do, you’ll cross your legs and he’ll do it just as fast too. You’ll start to notice that he’ll unconsciously mimic your movements and I’m not even sure they try to do it or are aware they do it.

  1. You’ll notice an increase in eye contact.

 His eyes will give him away. The length of how he stares to where on your body he looks, you’ll notice it, if he keeps looking at your lips or in your eyes.

  1. There’s sexual tension.

 You might be open with your sexual flirting or conversations may have awkward pauses where you don’t know whether to awkwardly laugh or smile. You’ll feel that tension. 

  1. He makes another move.

 Following suit with other points, he may try to put his arm around you or non sexually put his hand on your back. 

  1. He seems nervous.

 Notice that he’s stuttering, seems fidgety or that his confidence isn’t what it normally is? He’s probably overthinking when the right time to kiss you is.

  1. He keeps getting closer.

 Just when you think couldn’t be any more closer, he actually does. He’s trying to get close enough so he can be less obvious to make his move. 

  1. He looks at your lips a lot. 

I mentioned it earlier, but he’ll always be looking down at your lips when you speak after he’s looked at your eyes first.

  1. There’s a bulge in his pants.

 That’s right, he has a boner. Clearly he finds you attractive and the anticipation of kissing you is starting to get to him. 

  1. He tells you or does it. 

It doesn’t matter if he asks, warns you or catches you by surprise. By the mention or action, it proves he wants to kiss you badly and is interested. 

Am I crazy for noticing these or have you noticed them too? Regardless, I bet you’ll always look for them now. Better keep those lips moisturized just in case you have a crush.

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