Quarantine Problems: What To Do With An Upcoming Baby Shower


While the world is slowly returning to a little bit of normalcy, there’s still a desire to remain safe during the pandemic. Quarantine has had a huge impact on all of our summer plans, which is unfortunate, but luckily, we’re finding creative ways we can still celebrate milestones in our friends’ and family’s lives. While summer vacation might be on hold, there’s plenty of things we still need to be thankful for, and some of those could include an upcoming baby shower for a friend or family member!

Baby showers are fun and beautiful because we celebrate an expecting mother bringing her baby into the world. However, expecting moms and young babies are delicate, so it’s important we are extra safe for them. Even with unusual circumstances, there are still fun ways to enjoy a baby shower while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Check out some exciting and safe ways to celebrate those expecting mothers in your life.

Video Baby Shower

We all know how popular video calling and conferencing has become now that we’re all cooped up inside and can’t travel to see our loved ones. While it’s not the most ideal way to celebrate a new pregnancy, it’s still the safest way and can be fun with the right planning. Doing a video baby shower still allows you to do things like games, have some wine, and host of activities. Just because you can’t physically be together doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a special occasion. Just remember to make sure everyone knows how to properly set up their webcam and participate in virtual activities. Nothing can be worse than a video call full of tech newbies!

Gift Drop-Offs

A big part of the baby shower experience is to give gifts to the mother-to-be. The point is to help give her stuff to help out with the new baby. These gifts from Bitsy Bug Boutique are only as good as the ability to deliver them. Wrapping up some wonderful gifts and dropping them off at the doorstep allows everyone to give the mother-to-be her much deserved presents and say hello from a distance. Pick a nice day to do it, so that rain or weather doesn’t put a damper on the mood or damage the gifts. 

Socially Distanced Picnics

Most gatherings are off-limits. Even if you cant be indoors to celebrate, you can always take the festivities outside. Setting up a picnic in the park allows you to keep your distance and be together while enjoying fun in the sun with food, games, and chit-chat. Picnics are great for this because you just need lawn chairs and some decorations. Bringing your own food is also a good idea, so that everyone feels comfortable eating without the worry of touching anyone else’s utensils or sharing any germs.

Drive-By Celebration

A lot of parents have been sharing videos of their kids having drive-by birthday parties with friends’ parents honking and greeting them out the window of their cars. This is also happening for graduations, and it can be a fun way to get friends and family to come by to congratulate and celebrate. The best part about a baby shower is that you can celebrate it by drive-by, too, and there are tons of ways to do it. You can adorn your car in mommy-to-be decorations to show off your spirit or you can bust out a megaphone and announce it to the block. 

Digital Slide Show

Another fun and safe way to enjoy a baby shower during quarantine is to compile a slideshow of images from friends and family to celebrate the pregnancy and her partner. You can reach out to get the best pictures and videos that you feel represent the mother-to-be, and let them see how much everyone loves her with a memorable, digital keepsake. You can share this over social media or host a group viewing online. To take it even further, if you want to brush up on video editing, most computers come with some easy-to-use and learn software to make the slideshow visually wonderful.

Post-Quarantine Party

If the time doesn’t feel right, or if the quarantine-style celebrations feel less personal, then maybe postponing is the right idea. This is a big moment in the life of an expecting mother, and like any major milestone celebration, it should feel perfect. Waiting to celebrate isn’t a bad idea, and it allows everyone to build anticipation for when they can gather, laugh, smile, and cry together. Depending on how long it takes before you can all gather, it could be post-birth. While unfortunate, it just means there’s a new fun twist to the party. These are called “sip ‘n see” parties, which allow friends and family to meet the newborn and could be a worthwhile thing to wait for. The best part about the baby shower is the excitement for when the day comes, so why not add a little more anticipation on top of that?

Quarantine has put a damper on a lot of our celebrations. From birthday parties to graduations and baby showers, there’s a lot of disappointment that we can’t all gather to enjoy life’s milestones just yet. For expectant mothers, their friends, and families, it’s true all the same. While you can’t gather just yet, these fun and safe ways to celebrate a baby shower might help in the meantime.

Feature Image by Paola Vasquez from Pexels


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