4 Tips For Taking A Road Trip With Friends During The Pandemic

road trip

For most of us, summer vacations seemed impossible because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although air travel and foreign destinations may still remain off-limits through the rest of 2020, it’s still possible to enjoy a safe, fun road trip with a few of your friends this fall.

If you’re considering a sight-seeing adventure or a cross-country tour in the comfort of your car, make sure you consider these pieces of advice before you take off on your road trip.

1. Ask Yourself How Long You Want To Road Trip For

Everyone’s opinion on road trips are different. Some may enjoy traveling for hundreds of miles, while others may only want to drive to the nearest city. Before you create your destination list, ask yourself (and those who are riding with you) how long you want to be on the road. Once you have this info, you can map out your trip and look for lodging along your trip route.

2. Research Your Potential Destinations

Once your road trip crew determines how many days you’ll travel, start researching all of your pit stops and must-hit destinations to see how the pandemic may impact your plans. Check if museums and parks are operating under reduced hours or are following any specific social-distancing restrictions so that you aren’t caught off-guard when you arrive. Also, see if you can find out how busy your desired destinations are during this time so that you can avoid increased exposure to the Coronavirus.

3. Pack Your Own Food And Supplies

Regardless of where you go, the safest call right now is packing all of your own food and supplies. Think about items like snacks for the road, water bottles, and other food items that you may want during your travels. If you plan to camp instead of risk contamination in hotel rooms, make sure that you consider any supplies you’ll need to sleep outdoors. Furthermore, make sure that everyone brings a mask and a pair of gloves so that they can all play their part in stopping the spread of the virus. 

4. Don’t Share Food

Even though you may trust your road trip buddies completely, avoid sharing food and beverages with others during your travels. All it takes is one small mistake to spread germs and put everyone at risk.

Even though we’re still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, planning an unforgettable trip with a few friends or family members is still possible this fall. But if you prioritize safety and think about the extra precautions you need, you’ll be fine. So load up the car, roll down the windows, and escape reality for a bit— you won’t regret it!

Featured Photo by Jorge Saavedra on Unsplash.


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