The 2020 Emmy Noms & Snubs That Everyone Is Talking About

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After months of binge-watching, critiquing, and enjoying countless hours of television (thanks, pandemic!), the Emmy nominations are finally here. There are some clear winners, but also some surprising snubs. So to help you decide whether you want to throw daggers at the Primetime Emmy voters, let’s get into the nominations. After all, Emmy season is a delight on par with an open bar and we’re ready to celebrate our favs and seek revenge for the injustice!

No one is surprised at the 15 Emmy noms for Schitt’s Creek, including nods at all four Schitts. From the satirical banter to the brilliant real life father-son dynamic of Eugene and Daniel Levy, everything about this comedy offers peak entertainment value. The Levy’s possess an unparalleled comedic timing that I crave, while OG Cathrine O’Hara saunters around figuring out a new way of life outside her past identity of organizing her diamonds. Make no mistake, they all bring it — which makes this show a pandemic streaming staple, and we’re all better because of it!

Watchmen takes the lead with 26 nominations. 

At first, I thought Watchmen was a Marvel comic book adapted into a film. Unbeknownst to me and the rock I’ve been quarantining under, these heroes got their own TV show because America thrives on superheroes and Alpha male aggression, i.e. the absurdity of the WWE. Not my element but congrats to these daredevils!

Furthermore, The Great is a modern twist on Catherine the Great’s (Elle Fanning) feminist antics and lust for ultimate power. This period piece serves us a story of perseverance and passion wrapped in witty one-liners that certainly reigns supreme. Fanning flawlessly embodies the sassy enchantress with such prowess that the rest of us are diligently taking notes. A peak and iconic career moment — is it not? And love interest Sebastian de Souza is a steamy, tall (but short, relative to actual height) glass of water, making him the perfect British quarantine heartthrob. Trust me — I’ve thoroughly stalked his IG page and it checks out, ladies.

Finally, Nicolas Hoult delivers a surprisingly hilarious performance as Peter III of Russia — a.k.a. an entitled brat. Under any other circumstances we’d love to hate him, but here Hoult’s comedic talent wins us over tenfold. And get this: It gets dark, you guys. The Great gets snubbed with two measly noms for best comedy writing and directing. We’re not happy about it. The world is an unfair place. I feel lost.

Marvelous Ms. Maisel sweeps the competition with 20 noms. To be honest, housewives had most of my attention this season which is why I haven’t gotten around to this one. A proper critique is really outside my wheelhouse but the entire cast is nominated, and my research indicates that the lead male Luke Kirby is supes cute. Okay, fine, it’s officially on my list.

Miniseries Hollywood is another gem of epic proportions. I mean, who isn’t a sucker for a Ryan Murphy production? A must watch. In fact, the series is so good that I don’t have the emotional energy to get into the fact that the ATAS snubbed this masterpiece as well. My eye-roll has exhausted its limit for the day. At least newcomer and fan fave Jeremy Pope is nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor because he is so clearly a beacon of talent and sophistication.

While we’re on the Ryan Murphy praise-train, The Politician wins all the awards of my heart. This show is equal parts timely and witty, while decorated in fashion moments that lit my ass on fire. The tweed sets, the mock neck and crisp blazer combinations, the monochromatic pairings; a vintage opulence of political icons that gave me the warm fuzzies.

And the screen stealer that is Ben Platt deserves a conversation and a standing-O. Can you say triple threat? Because he delivers a brilliantly poetic, hilarious, and vulnerable performance. Not to mention — sings his goddamn heart out! So just what happened? Because as far as nominations go, The Politician was ignored and brushed passed, just like when you see your ex out and about when you’re cloaked in TJ Maxx, under bad lighting, on the first day of your period. Now we have to wait a whole year for the ATAS to get a clue. Rude.

Which nominations (or lack thereof) surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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