What You’re Really Saying To Him When You Use These 9 Emojis

Texting with emojis has become a huge part of our communication. But what happens when you send your potential love interest the wrong emoji? Believe it or not, the wrong emoji could put you in the ” friend zone” with your boo. 

Let’s break down what these 9 commonly-used emojis really tell him him:

1.  Smiley Face

When you send him smiley face emojis, you’re probably just trying to be sweet. If he asked you out on a date and you respond with a smiley face, chances are you just don’t know how to respond without hurting his feelings. He might think that you’re eager or a little bit of a people-pleaser.

2. Winking Face

When you’re crushing on him and want to flirtatiously catch his attention, then send him a wink. He’ll know exactly where you stand (wink, wink!). 

3. Popcorn Emojis

 This one is cut-and-dry: If you send him popcorn emojis, you want to see a movie with him. Chances are good that you don’t want to make your date a big deal, but you definitely want to send him a clear message so he’ll finally ask you out.   

4. Thumbs Up 

If you respond to your crush’s texts with a simple thumbs up, you’re telling him that you don’t care about what he has to say. Seriously, girl, if you’re at all interested in this guy, do not ever send him a thumbs up emoji!

5. Face with Tongue Sticking Out

If you send a guy this emoji, you’re telling him that you’re ready to get wild! Use this one with care so that you don’t send any mixed messages!

6. Heart Emojis 

Chances are that if you send the object of your affection a red heart emoji, he’ll know that you’re starting to fall for him. If you’re not ready to give off that vibe, try using the other color hearts so that you can still say something sweet without being completely obvious.   

7. Eggplant Emojis

When you send your crush an eggplant emoji, he’ll know exactly what you want from him. Get ready for a night ofwild, passionate sex (or at least a sneak peek at his dick).  

8.  Poop 

If you’re thinking of sending your guy a poop emoji, just don’t. Whether you think he (literally) stinks or you’re tired of his bullshit, this emoji will send your message loud and clear… but your relationship might not last. 

9. Tears of Joy Face

Send your crush this emoji to let him know how hilarious you find him. The “tears of joy” emoji will likely boost his ego and will definitely keep the laughs coming.

At the end of the day, always be extreme cautious when you send your potential love interest emojis. The wrong symbol could completely ruin your chances with him, so take things slowly and consult others before your emoji choices create a giant pile of poop.

 Feature Image by Meghan Schiereck on Unsplash


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