No More Silence: Marvel’s Infinity War Is Truly Show Stopping

One of, if not the biggest, cinematic events has taken place with the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

This film has been 10 years in the making, kicking off with the release of Iron Man back in 2008. I don’t think anyone knew back then what the Marvel Cinematic Universe would become, but everyone involved has profited and so have the diehard and casual fans of the these movies.

As the movie premiered earlier this week and reviews started pouring in, I felt that I needed to avoid them at all cost, no matter how tempted I may have been. I wanted to go in completely unaware and totally surprised at whatever twists and turns the movie would have. I decided to take an 8pm Thursday advanced showing (although at this point what makes it advanced if there are 100+ showings in the theater before the actual release date) and I was certainly not disappointed.

Death, destruction and the idea of a humanity on the brink of ultimate collapse all weaved their way through the narrative of Infinity War, and was on full display during the opening scene of the film. More than likely, you had also seen Thor: Ragnarok, and that is where Infinity War picks up. It is in these first few minutes of the movie that audiences are truly introduced to Thanos, an omnipresent figure in cameos in past movies. Thanos’ dialogue is extremely sharp, decisive and unlike many villainous character’s dialogue. His mission is simple, to curb humanity, save it from itself. He truly believes that his quest for six infinity stones is going to be the solution to the problem he himself sees.

As the movie progresses, so do the stories of our splintered superheros. Bruce Banner, aka The Hulk, comes crashing down to Earth and into Dr. Strange’s sanctuary and wrangles in Tony Stark, much to the chagrin of his bride-to-be, Pepper Potts. For me, the back and forth banter between Stark and Strange is refreshing because you have two men who are both fond of themselves and their egos, as well as accustomed to being “the man.” Their inability to see eye to eye provides for a break in the serious tone urged on by Bruce and impending threat of Thanos.

Being that this film is the culmination of 10 years of Marvel movies, the Russo Brothers (who directed the movie) allowed moviegoers to harken back to the past. The present battle in New York and the visual of an alien ship hovering over the city brought back literal stark memories of the events of the original Avengers film. Continuously, this updated battle of New York allowed our favorite, friendly neighborhood Spider Man to make his appearance in the film.

While the various fight scenes and team ups in the film, one that features Thor encountering the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the return of Captain America, Black Widow & Falcon, are bigger and completely visually stunning, they also serve their own purpose more than just for the sake of the story. It is in the first few minutes of the scenes between Thor and Star Lord (played by the brilliant Chris Pratt) that the conversation about manhood, manliness and fragile masculinity comes into play. It’s also very meta and tongue in cheek as well, because of the various Chris’ featuring in the Marvel movie, as pointed out by our favorite comedian, Ryan Reynolds. These moments, while funny for us as viewers, also serve as a way for the characters to build a rapport, whether it’s unsteady or viable. As an audience, we have to believe that they can stick together long enough and be one cohesive unit to stop Thanos.

I thoroughly enjoyed the portions of the movie focusing on Thanos as a person. Thanos is framed in the movie as a destroyer of whole planets, galaxies and civilizations, but he also holds a lot of pain. He’s still very much so vulnerable. As first introduced back in Guardians, we learn the origin of how Gamora came to meet Thanos and how she became his daughter. 

Overall, the movie was highly enjoyable and I DEMAND you stay ALL the way through the credits, no matter how long they may be, because that sets up Avengers 4, as well as the introduction of one of the newest characters to be welcomed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After 10 years and various franchises and characters, the fate of our favorite heroes was not wrapped up in a nice, neat little bow.

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