5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Drugstore Makeup Brands

Snagging your hands on an affordable beauty product can feel similar to winning the lottery. We perceive makeup as a luxury item among society, and it sometimes can be. A Sephora shopping spree can literally make your wallet cry. 

Knowing this case, many consumers on tight budgets choose to shop at their local drugstore. The affordable price tags appeal to a large demographic who feel the urge to purchase makeup ASAP. Quality drugstore products not perceived as an issue anymore. In fact, many influencers have also noticed drugstore brands have upgraded their product formulations to match high brand names.  

Did you know that certain drugstore beauty brands have been around for a very long time?  probably more than your average makeup company. Maybelline is over 105 years old, and L’Oreal’s founders began the company over a century ago. The beauty industry has changed rapidly over the past decade, and it is safe to assume drugstore brands are constantly looking to adapt to such alterations.

But what is the secret behind these brands? You may ask.

Well, read below to find out 5 facts about your favorite, innovative drugstore brands!

1) Maybelline’s makeup was created as a result of a dating situation.

The man Maybel Williams loved was in love with someone else. Heartbroken at first, she used different strategies to attract him. One way was by wearing ‘makeup’ to enhance her features. Before she went on a date, she would get ready by applying petroleum jelly onto her lashes. 

Her brother, Thomas Williams, decided to add carbon dust to the petroleum jelly. His new invention darkened and created an illusion of longer-looking lashes. He introduced the product to others, many were satisfied with the results and wanted more. Sooner enough, Williams created his own cosmetics brand, which started off with the ‘mascara’ product.

2) Rimmel first started out as a perfume brand.


The brand was founded in 1834 by fragrance expert, Eugene Rimmel. After emigrating from France to England.  Rimmel decided to open up his own store. When he dived into the cosmetics sector, his brand began to offer more beauty products, beginning with mascara. Little did he know that his brand would be that edgy, chic, with an affordable Londoner vibe a century later.

3) NYX was named after a goddess.


Toni Ko, the founder of NYX cosmetics, stated that she named the brand after the Greek goddess of night. Who expected mythology stories to be so helpful?

4) Covergirl is the largest makeup brand to receive a Leaping Bunny Certification.

After hiring their own CoverBoy in 2017, Covergirl continues to strive for social responsibility within the beauty industry. In fact, the company announced they became cruelty-free a year later and achieved the gold standard for certification from the only internationally recognized symbol. In order to obtain the certification, the business has to endure a lengthy application process and meet the expectations of the Leaping Bunny programme. One of these expectations include a supplier monitoring system for audits and supply chain checking.  The certification is a huge feat for Covergirl as many other drugstore brands, unfortunately, are still not cruelty-free. However, in the future, we do hope to see the Leaping Bunny logo packaged onto their products!

5) Essence manufactures 95 percent of its products in Europe.


Have you ever walked into your local drugstore and grabbed your hands on an Essence mascara? The brand, known for high-quality, and low-priced beauty products. However, an added bonus is that Essence continues to comply with the standards of the FDA in the US and the European Union Cosmetics Directive. This means the manufacturers make the product ingredients with caution and quality. 

After knowing the story behind drugstore brands, it is observable some continue to prioritize social responsibility. For example, Covergirl and Essence are trying their best to address diversity, ethics, and inclusion. Drugstore companies aren’t mismanaged. The lengthening duration of Maybelline, Rimmel, and L’Oreal indicate pioneering brands can still be adaptable. Regardless of the negative stigma behind affordable beauty products, we need to realize drugstore brands will always have their say, story, and specialty for every consumer in their purchase.

Photo by Diana Ruseva on Unsplash


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