Why Dating Someone New Is The Most Exciting Thing You Can Do

After a bad breakup there is nothing worse than seeing your ex move on before you, but there is nothing better than finding someone new after serious heartbreak. The process of dating is a different experience every time we fall out and back in love. Normally you don’t go looking for it, but when it finds you, you can’t help but get a little antsy to see where it goes.

The conversations at first are innocent and playful, small talk usually leads to funny stories, and next thing you know you’re getting serious about your past and contemplating your future. The deep 1 AM conversations can be had at any time of day, and you never feel uncomfortable. You find yourself opening up about your family, and past incidences that made you who you are today. Nothing seems off the table to talk about.

The more you talk the more you feel yourself moving on, and building a true relationship with someone new. It’s scary, but exciting.

The first date is always the scariest. You are so nervous beforehand, yet confident that it’ll go well. You wait anxiously debating whether to go pee again due to the nerves, or to wait patiently to see his car out the window. The conversations on the car ride or at the restaurant are the typical, but becomes much more.

But nothing beats the feeling right before your first kiss or the electricity right after. A brief pause in conversation emerges. You see him stare at your lips, and you find yourself thinking, “is he going to do it?” He leans forward, your heart sinks, and time speeds up so quickly. Electricity shoots through your body and the connection is complete.

Then suddenly, the gates open for hand holding, pet names, and intimacy. It’s almost like your vulnerability comes out in a strange way. You feel 10 times more comfortable with him, and you no longer have to resist the urge to do any of those things. A stage that’s a true deal breaker.

Over time the intense feelings grow and we enjoy their company more than ever. It feels amazing to have someone to talk to at the end of your day, or someone to vent to. You begin to meet so many new people who helped shape him into the wonderful man he is today, and everything else starts to fall into place.

As women, we like to feel wanted, and there’s nothing we want more than to be desired by the man we love.

The guy you used to date doesn’t even come to mind anymore because you’re so focused on all the positive in our newfound life. We find ourselves again because of love, and we remember the good about ourselves. We become reassured how special we are, and for the first time in a long time you feel your best. But don’t get me wrong, men aren’t the entire reason why we get our confidence back after a breakup; they just help us confirm what we’ve been feeling.

Damaging experiences can ruin us for long periods of time, but all of a sudden you begin discovering yourself in a new way, and it’s all thanks to him. He doesn’t even know what he’s done for you, and there’s no way you can really tell him or repay him. It’s like he’s a knight in shining armor, and you’re his princess. There’s no other way you’d want it to be.

Featured image via Evelina Zhu on Pexels



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