5 Katy Perry Songs That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

As we all know, Katy Perry has a lot of songs. From fun pop tunes to ballads that tug on your heartstrings, there’s something for everybody. She has at least one song that perfectly fits every season of life we are going through or have gone through. So here are five that stick out.

For embracing yourself and not worrying about what others think: I Kissed A Girl

I can remember exactly where I was when I first heard this song: NYC Pride, June 2008.

I was there to support my friends. Sure, I knew that I too had something to celebrate at that parade but at that time, I was ashamed. Then, a float passed by, blaring this song and the entire atmosphere around me shifted to fun and carefree. I started dancing with my friends and something clicked and said, “It’s okay to embrace who you are. Those who matter will still love you.” Thanks, Katy, for essentially allowing me a second coming out — the one that, in my opinion, was more important: Coming out to and accepting myself. 

For reclaiming yourself after a break up: Part of Me

When you’re going through a breakup, there’s a period of re-claiming one’s self. There is a period of blame, thinking we were solely responsible for the way things went down and questioning what we could have done differently. This song came across my radio when I was driving home one day after a breakup and it was like the universe said, “Ok! Enough of your pity party. This breakup may have impacted you negatively but you choose how long it stays that way turn the tables and reclaim yourself.” I listened to it multiple times a day for the next few days. It helped me tremendously.

For realizing your ex’s toxic habits should not take things away from you: Circle The Drain

Back in the day, I dated an addict. She took pills constantly for all of these “accidents” and injuries. For years, I watched her nod off and go from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital to get prescribed pain pills when the only true pain was inside her and she was trying to numb it. When I bought the album that the song is on, “Teenage Dream,” I felt Katy was singing to me. I could already understand that addicts deserve a right to the help they need and to process whatever is leading them to this destructive behavior. However, this song made me realize that their significant others do not need to be brought down with them. This song shed light on something I tried to keep in the dark for so long.

For letting someone “new” in: Never Worn White

This beautiful new song of Katy’s illuminates thoughts that we’ve all had. We want love, unconditional love, forever. Yet, our past hurts and breakups have convinced us that maybe we don’t deserve it. This song allows us to see that there is a process of opening up but once we do, the bliss is beautiful.

When you need a reminder of your worth: Firework

This song is so much fun and always a crowd pleaser. But the deeper message is where it really shines. Personally, I feel that this song is specifically meant to lift the spirits of those who may otherwise be feeling “not good enough.” Katy delivers it in such a fun, encouraging way that it is almost instinctive that one listening to it starts to feel better. It also helps to know that if she’s singing this, we are not alone in our struggles. 

Katy Perry is a truly talented artist and speaks to the inner voices many of us have felt but could never fully describe. I look forward to seeing what else she develops over the next few years. Keep your light shining and remember — if Katy believes in us, we should believe in ourselves.

Featured image via Never Really Over



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