8 Bra Hacks That Will Come In Handy This Summer

Summer is here and the season calls for clothing that can make wearing bras difficult – tops with plunging backs, sundresses, tank tops, and crop tops, to name a few options. There are many questions that you have to ask yourself as you pick out a bra to wear with these outfits: Are you okay with a bit of jiggling as you walk? ; Do you always like to have cleavage? ; Will you be bothered by a bandeau bra flattening your chest, sliding down, and having to constantly pull it up?;  Are you an expert at figuring out how to maneuver into and out of one with criss-cross straps at the back?  Bra hacks are handy whether you want to rock your newest blouse, dress, or that strapless crop top. 

Here are bra options for your summer outfit: 

  1. You can wear a bra top in place of a simple strapless bra underneath an outfit. 

Strapless bras have the tendency so many of us are familiar with- they tend to slide down from one’s chest and settle into a belt-like position, making you spend most of your time having to hike up your bra like a baggy pair of pants. Going with a bra top (think of a cropped corset) instead of a strapless bra can provide you with more support.

2. You can go for a full corset to get total support. 

A corset can be worn underneath off-the-shoulder tops without a problem and will give you the most support out of all the other options for a strapless outfit. It’ll make you feel flirty and fancy to wear something nice for a normal night out. 

3. You can wear an adhesive bra for open-back, airy tops. 

The back line of a bra can ruin the aesthetic of a low plunging or open back top. An adhesive bra is a great option if you want to keep your back bare. It keeps your chest simultaneously lifted and covered by sticking to your boobs. 

4. In case you want to go bra less and still have coverage, you can wear nipple covers. 

If you’d rather leave the strapless bras at home and go natural, go for it. There’s no shame in going totally braless. However, if you want to have some coverage alongside your liberation, you can get nipple covers.. 

5. You can wear a convertible plunge bra for open-back tops. 

Acting as a hybrid between an adhesive and strapless bra (and with removable straps),  a convertible plunge bra allows you to wear low, open back tops without giving away that you’re wearing support. 

6. You can wear a matching double strap bra or a cut-out strap bra with your off-the-shoulder tops. 

You can choose a bra with two decorative straps to make your look chic. The fact that your straps are visible is intentional and it gives you the chance to add color and another element to your look. 

7 . Instead of buying a racer back bra, you can DIY clip your bra straps together temporarily. 

Racerback bras go well with the halter tops and tank tops that you’ll want to wear this summer, but you may not want to go out and purchase new ones. Instead, you can use a bra clip or a paper clip to temporarily pin your straps together. 

8. You can use body tape to have coverage underneath deep V and low cut looks. 

The right bra for your favorite low-cut,  plunge-neck or backless looks may not exist, which is where bra tape comes in. Depending on the strength of the kind of tape you choose- gaffer tape is the strongest and least likely to fail, though it may irritate your skin. It’ll give your boobs a lift and help you defy gravity for the night.

Having boobs can make choosing outfits a challenge. All levels of help are given on this list. With these options, you can give summer trends and outfits a whirl this season without worry.  

Photo by MAX LIBERTINE on Unsplash


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