7 Boho-Inspired Outfits That Will Spice Up Your Summer

Time passes by quickly. Last year feels like last week, and last week feels like yesterday. The snow has vanished, and the nights are disappearing with the days taking over. As summer slowly starts to emerge upon us, we fold and pack our coats in bins – stored away until next winter, while digging up our clothes for the new season.

As we finish redecorating our wardrobe, we begin to realize that this year is not like last year. The tinge of nostalgia stings us as we close our eyes and daydream about the days we were dancing with friends to songs. No one cared and no one seemed to worry.

Thinking about travelling back-in-time to the first-ever music festival we visited brings us so many memories of tears, joys, and camaraderie. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend those events this year. However, there is an alternate way for us to embrace music festival celebrations. Through fashion!

Here are 7 boho-inspired outfits to spice up your summer.

1)      Flowery Patterned Dress


For the fashionistas who love spring and summer having a floral-patterned dress is a must! In fact, it’s even better if the dress is printed with both flowers and stripes. The contrasting patterns just somehow make the outfit more special. To style this outfit, put your favorite bandana around your head. Now, you’re ready to take over the world in a badass but peaceful manner.

2)      Free-Flowing, Laced Dress


Are you someone who prefers minimalistic designs? The free-flowing, laced dress is the perfect garment piece one can ever own! Crafted with intricate crochet and knitted patterns, the dress is a go-to garment for every fashion enthusiast. Topped with a fedora and worn with cowboy boots, be prepared to take over a 60s-style evening fashion party!

3)      Lace Bandeau with a Floral Printed Skirt


Two-piece outfits are regularly worn in festivals as they create contrast in colors. You can either choose to wear a minimalistic-colored top with a patterned bottom or vice versa. Regardless of the designs that are paired together, the outfit will for sure resonate with your preferences! Are you more outgoing? Or are you more reserved? Depending on your mood, you can choose to pair the bottom and top with either CONTRASTING or MATCHING elements.

4)      Halter Crop Top with Long, Flowy Pants


Wanting to wear something else other than short-shorts? Fear not, long pants also have their say in festival clothing! Style them with a crop top and adorn a couple of fancy bracelets to achieve a timeless yet admired outfit. Nothing can beat the elegance and luxury that long pants provide for fashion!

5)      Fringe Top and Patterned Shorts

Ready to go crazy? Choose a fringe crop top with star-patterned bottoms. Slip-on some cowboy boots and you’re set!

6)      Beige Graphic Shirt with Floral-Printed Shorts


If you choose to opt for lighter or neutral colors, this outfit is the perfect inspiration for you! Beginning with a beige-colored graphic tee, select your favorite peach-colored floral-patterned shorts and wristbands. The outfit is easy to style, pop on, and works for almost every occasion.

7)      Long-Flowy Cardigan


No outfit can have a music festival outfit without a long-flowy cardigan. This one-of-a-kind clothing item can add a pop of color and harmonize the whole outfit together. Long cardigans are the epitome of versatility and ambiguity. They can be styled in numerous ways with different patterns. Regardless of how crazy the colors may be, the cardigan just somehow always magically works.

Are you ready to take over festival fashion starting from your home? If so, try out a floral-printed garment and be inspired by the results. Remember that any Bohemian-influenced outfit can be worn every day. The multi-colored patterns and elegant silhouettes are not only exclusive for music festivals. Now, you can start to make Coachella come alive again by sharing your favorite summer outfits with peers!

Photo by Daniel Rigdon on Unsplash


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