30 Subtle Signs That He’s Probably Got A Crush On You


Dating would be a whole lot more straightforward for everyone if people just said how they really feel off the bat. Unfortunately, that’s way too terrifying and requires more confidence than any of us can muster up.

Instead, we’re left to translate subtle signals in the hopes of establishing a romantic connection with a guy giving us very little to work with. Luckily, though, science is on on our side and can tell us what we need to know. So if you’re unsure, here are 30 subtle signs that he’s probably got a crush on you:

1. He looks attentive when you speak.

If he’s hanging on to every word you say, you know that he cares to hear your voice. Watch to see if he nods along, raises his eyebrows in interest, or just looks engaged. If he prefers to interrupt or is unfocused, his affections are clearly elsewhere. 

2. He trips over his words around you. 

If you know he’s normally well-spoken or confident, but all of a sudden he’s stuttering and nervous, he’s probably trying to impress you. He feels pressure to speak well because he wants you to care what he has to say.

3. He’s leaning towards you. 

If he has a crush on you, then he probably wants to close the distance between you guys so as to be both physically and emotionally more connected. Often, men will lean in with one hand on their hip to look more powerful, almost as a kind of mating dance! 

4. His pupils are huge.

Pupil dilation is a natural brain response to things we like. It can even occur when we see our favorite meals. So, while you definitely don’t want him to view you as a piece of meat, if his eyes are wide around you, it means he’s attracted to you. 

5. His toes are pointed towards you. 

The feet lead and the heart follows. A good way to test this is to lean towards him or reach in his direction. If you notice that he shifts his toes away from you when you touch him, it could be a sign he’s rejecting your advances.

6. He smiles a lot around you.

You make him feel good enough to grin. This is good news, and it means he’ll associate you with positive feelings, more likely to want your company. If he’s flashing his teeth, this is even better because he can’t even compose his smile. 

7. He looks at your mouth when you talk. 

Even if eye contact is lacking, looking at your lips is a clear sign that he’s got a crush on you. If he’s looking at your lips and mouth, it’s possible he wants to kiss you and is distracted by this intimate part of your face. 

8. He looks for your approval.

If he gets a new haircut, does he ask if you like it? When he tells a joke to the group, does he look to see if you’re laughing? These are signs that he values your opinion of him or wants to gauge how much you like him.

9. His face gets flushed.

Assuming it’s not 100 degrees out or you’re not packed into a stuffy room, his redness and flushed face could mean he likes you. This is a natural adrenaline response when we’re around someone who makes our heart race. 

10. He copies you. 

Obviously, we don’t want a guy to mimic us in a mocking way, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Watch to see if he matches his tone to yours, or shift his posture when you do. This is a subconscious thing we do when we admire someone.  

11. He grooms himself for you. 

Have you noticed he’s been dressing better since you started hanging out? Or does he fix his hair when he sees you walk into the room? This could mean he’s trying to present the best, most attractive version of himself for you because he’s got a crush. 

12. He touches you a lot.

Have you noticed him touch your back to let you walk through the door? Pick lint off your sweater? Playful tap you when he’s laughing at your jokes? These are all subtle ways to be more physically intimate with you.

13. He twitches when you’re around.

If you see him tapping his leg or shuffling from foot to foot when you’re talking, it could mean he really has to go to the toilet. But it could also mean he’s nervous around you because he likes you.

14. He shows up everywhere. 

Have you noticed he’s started showing up at more group nights out? Or is frequenting your favorite coffee spot that you told him about? This is a sign he wants to see you.

15. He’s always trying to help. 

Guys want to show off that they’re dependable and can provide for your needs. He might just be trying to be a good friend when he offers to drop you home or install your AC unit, or he could be trying to tell you that he cares. 

16. You can see his hands.

This is another way guys show they are open and receptive of your affection. If his hands are stuffed in his pockets or behind his back, he’s not interested. However, if you can see his hands, then chances are he’s developed a crush.

17. He touches his throat.

The throat represents communication and vulnerability. It can also be a place people touch as a form of self-soothing when they’re nervous. Watch to notice if he adjusts his collar or tie in order to calm himself in your presence. 

18. His voice softens when he talks to you. 

This is especially good if he’s usually loud in group settings. If he speaks slowly and more gently to you than he does to others, this shows he’s trying to let his guard down and be vulnerable around you. 

19. He tilts his head when you speak. 

Ever notice how puppies lean their heads to the side when they’re trying to focus on a sound? Men work in a similar way. This shows he’s curious and wants to hear more. 

20. He stares at you.

Men are visual creatures, so even he’s not the best conversationalist, if he’s staring at you it proves you’ve captivated him. Maybe he’s even lost for words because of how you make him feel! 

21. His palms get sweaty. 

Anyone who gets stage-fright know that clammy hands are a subtle give-away that your heart is pumping with nerves. Notice he’s wiping his palms on his pants or feels clammy when you shake hands? You’ve clearly made an impact on him already!

22. He licks his lips.

This sounds odd, but it can be kind of cute, or even seductive, if a guy does this subtly without realizing it. Studies show that men produce more saliva when they see someone attractive. So, go girl — you’ve got him frothing over you already. He’s got a huge crush on you if he’s doing this!

23. He takes a deep inhale when he sees you. 

Aside from simply needing air, men sometimes do this as a way to puff out their chests and seem broader. This is a masculine response to the mating process, making himself look more fit and desirable. As primitive as it seems, nature never lies. 

24. He spreads his legs when he’s sitting with you.

Vulgar as it might seem, this is a sign he’s willing to be vulnerable and is also a means of encouraging intimacy. Manspreading isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, but it can signify that he’s trying to open up to you, in every sense of the term. 

25. He playfully teases you. 

This is a subtle way of flirting with a crush that can be hard to read at times, especially if you already have a friendship filled with banter. But joking with you shows that he’s comfortable to let lose around you.

26. He always reaches out first.

If you guys are friends already, you probably speak a lot, so watch out for him making the first move. It can be a simple as sending you a meme on social media or he could always be the one scheduling your hangouts. Either way, this shows he’s willing to put himself out there if it means you get to interact.

27. He gives you advice.

Men love to have solutions, but only in situations where they care about the outcome. If you’re having a hard time at work or are going through personal problems, and he’s there with guidance and advice, it means he’s invested in your life. 

28. His behavior changes when other men are around. 

Does he change the subject when you talk about other guys? Or come across standoffish if a man approaches you in front of him? This is probably because he wants to be the main man in your life and feels threatened when he’s not. 

29. He drunk dials you.

You know what they say: “Drunk words are sober thoughts.” This obviously isn’t subtle if he’s confessing his feelings to you when drunk, and it’s not flattering if he only hits you up when he’s drunk and wants to come over.

But if he’s texting you on a night out to say that he wants to do something tomorrow, or is just asking you how you are, it’s nice to know that he can’t keep you off his mind. 

30. He remembers the little things. 

Does he bring you cookies every time he passes your favorite bakery? Or texts you good luck for every exam you take? This is a clear sign of affection and proves that he can’t help but keep you in his thoughts. If he’s remembering all of the tiny details, then he’s definitely got a crush on you.

Although it can be hard to read guys most of the time, these 30 subtleties are a clear indicator that he’s got a crush on you. So what are you waiting for, girl? It’s time to make a move!

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  1. well their is this guy who i met 8th grade and we flirted a lot and then he moved away but we have been talking on instagram and he asked me out on a date and a few days later i asked him if he likes me and he said no. so i am comfused.

    • just want to tell you as a girl ive faced the same kind of situation i met that guy in 7th grade and just like you we flirted alot he used to sing for me late night calls funny convos and butterflies but when i told him i have a crush on him he said that he was taken- this are f boys dont fall hard on them they are going o break you hurt you dont trust these guys and you deserve someone better and it takes time so please i dont want anybody to suffer what happened to me just take care and you got this ignore him its gonna pass stay safe! its just a sign he is using you.

  2. My crush does 9,11,14,16,20,22 and 25 when we talk. The thing is he is a guy at my hunt club and he is scared to talk to me because my dad is pretty intimidating. And probably has made it clear to that no boy can flirt or talk or have any human interaction with me. ‍♀️ But when we do talk or hang out it is when my dad is like not really paying attention or he is not really around. But he always hunts now (before he would hunt on days he was with his dad but now he can drive he hunt every day I am there or hears my dad his hunt which I’m not always with him) and I drove up this road once and he was following me on a dirt bike (don’t ask) I guess he did not know it was me but thought it was me and my dad he rolled up and when he saw me he almost dropped his helmet and tried to be smooth and say “do you know where every is??” Me being truthful said “idk they are every where” but I am now realizing i am over sharing (which that is a problem for me) so I shall stop byeeee!

  3. i have a cush in this boy but sometime he look at me lot but he has gilrfriead how can i now if he like me?

  4. The other day I went to my ex’s house to get my stuff and he was doing all of these things so ig that means he still likes me. That sucks for him.

  5. I’m a boy, I’m 14 years old, the boy I sit next to in form does most of these and I don’t know if to be worried? but I don’t think he is gay

  6. My siblings friend is very protective of me… he sat right next to me, and then he is always asking if I need help when we go to the forest and when I was sitting down, he would stand in front of me starring down

  7. Im a boy 14 and i have a crush on my friends cousin but i told her i have feeling for her and she said she wants to see where this friendship will take us what does this mean? please help im lost and have no idea

  8. No one ever seems to know how to help me with my situation but I hope it’s different here haha. So My best friend is always telling me about her brother. Things like his likes and dislikes. His personality. Traits. Flaws, etc. I just don’t know why. I never understood why. Her brother who is two years older than me is very kind to me. I can tell he has gotten comfortable around me since he now teases me more than before. Usually when i greet him I make this gun sign and point it to him and he picked up on it so now it’s our greeting. He also scares me when I wait for his sister when we are going to do errands he goes outside and talks to me while I wait. Am I thinking too much into it and creating this possibility in my head? Another thing. My friends and I play different games. Board games or card games. There was a particular time when I was being asked if I like any of their siblings and my Best friend said yes… I told them that no I don’t like anyone atm. But, i think that is changing.

  9. I like this boy and his the most popular boy in my school and am a new girl and everybody ships us.And he does a lot of this things when his around me. Finally today he ask me to be is girlfriend. I said yes and it’s only my first month at this school. Oh no I just got told that my friend has been crushing on him for 5 years.

  10. I like this boy in my last class although he’s dating my friend. He gave me butterflies once and he always smiles. Around me or not. Once he saw me hold a heart up to his face with my hands and he saw me and did something with his hands too but couldn’t see it. I always see his hands, and his legs are always spread out.

  11. I’m a guy and I can confirm that when we see a girl we have a crush on, we produce more saliva and are swallowing it.

  12. I still am not sure about this one boy. I’ve liked him for about 2 or 3 years now and am still having a hard time trying to figure it out. I’m not going to say his name but let’s just call him Damian. Well Damian is in the popular group and has girls eyeing him like a piece of meat ALL THE TIME! I get jealous of course because I like him and hope he likes me back. Anyways, after reading this article I can safely check some of them off but at the same time I feel like some of the popular girls flirt with him a lot and its hard not trying to think about “What if I’m just exaggerating in my head and assuming he likes me?” that kind of thing (if you get what I mean). Idk why I’m about to share this but, I feel like when the times I do talk to him (which isn’t a whole lot, just this one class and after school when I come to our schools gym and we shoot basketball) that he holds eye contact with me a little longer than usual with his eyes all dilated and his head leaned in close. And since we aren’t in the same social groups and stuff (him being popular, me being known to be athletic which we share in common, but quiet around others cause I’m an introvert and that’s just how it is so I’m not in his social group) But I do feel like when we do share a connection I just feel special and I concentrate on those moments and hope that he is thinking about them too. Also something else you guys should know about him is that since he is pretty much the dominate male at school (popular) and I don’t think he’s allowed to date or at least maybe he’s just too stuck up for me, but of course I just can’t stop liking him. What do you think I should do? (Also there is a valentines/cupids dance coming up at my school so should I go all out by buying this CuTeEeEe!!! dress? Idk though, what do you guys think I’m just kind of stuck in the middle right now and should I give him a hint about me liking him or not cause if not I don’t want to get rejected. Girls I’m asking from one girl to another for some help!) Anyways, byeeeee!!!

  13. Well i have crush he stares at me alot kind of annoying but i enjoy him staring..but we dont talk at all we juat pass by each other whenever we see each other.. but i like him just the way he is

  14. I’m 10 and my friend told him I like him and he emailed me and he said he likes me I’m dating him now but he looks at me for a second when I’m getting up

  15. I had a crush on him.
    But he had a crush on another girl.
    But that other girl had a crush on someone else and that someone else had a crush on a different person. But that different persons crush was crushing on someone else….

  16. If he stands that close like in the main picture and puts his finger on his mouth and stares at you like a stalker… it means he prolly has a crush on you… ‍♀️❣️❣️
    But only if he’s wearing sunglasses.

  17. yea well my crush is dating another girl, but i like him too much and i cant get over him and hes sitting at the bottom of my snapchat and i cant think of anything to say to him anf we are always making eye contact at lunch and break and evry time im around he goes rlly quiet and the other day he kinda jelly-legged his friend ad i laughed out loud and he looked at me and smiled. any help? pls tips

  18. I think a girl in my class has a crush on me she stare me but sometime she stares my other friends too ignoring me what should I do????

  19. so i live in a group home with 4 boys and the one boy claims he is straight and likes girls but everytime im in the kitchen or in the living room, he automatically just touches me and teases me and stares and smiles at me. Don’t know what to think on that lol.


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