6 Signs That It’s Time For You To Change Your Career


Being in the workforce feels amazing when you have a career that you’re passionate about. But if you’re thinking about changing your career, pay attention to these signs that your current job isn’t right for you, and you should look in a different direction:

1. You no longer feel motivated. 

No matter what field you’re in, motivation is the key to success. If you find yourself slacking off on work tasks, you should start looking for something new. 

2. You feel uncertain about your current career. 

If you constantly wonder if you should have majored in something else or if this is really your dream job, listen to your gut. You’re questioning yourself for a reason, so listen to yourself and look for new job options. 

3. You always complain about your job.

Complaining about your job is a clear sign that your current job may not work for you anymore. If you find yourself talking more about what you hate about your job than actually working, it’s time for you to reconsider your career options. 

4. You never look forward to going to work.

If you wake up every morning dreading the day ahead, then maybe you should start looking for a new job or switch your career field entirely. When you find a job you love, your mornings before work will be a lot happier. 

5. You think negatively about your job skills.

If you’re great at your job but always doubt your abilities, maybe your current job’s environment isn’t right for you. Once you find a job where your supervisors and coworkers encourage you to do your best, you’ll start seeing your skills and hand in better work, too.

6. Your current career negatively affects your mental health.

If you find yourself anxious about work or frustrated every day when you leave the office, you should look for a career that doesn’t negatively affect your mental health. Give yourself the time and space to work on yourself and figure out which careers might help you stay healthier. Your mental health is worth the change! 

Realizing the “red flags” in your current career and choosing a new career option can be stressful. But when you notice these signs that your career doesn’t make you happy, you’ll find that you have a whole world of better possibilities to choose from.

Featured Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash.


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