I Want You To Know There Is Wisdom in Your Wounds

There is a triumph in tragedy, wisdom in waiting, and purpose in the pain. I can’t promise that you will be protected from the sorrow you have yet to face, but I can promise that there will be ones who will stand by your side through it all. You will have a great life, but not without turbulence. You will stumble upon success, but not without failure. 

It’s okay to have bad days, because they will make your good days feel even better. It’s okay to have days of doubt, because they will uphold your days of certainty. 

It’s okay to be disappointed because it will make you appreciate more than you know. And it’s okay to feel sad, for a day or for a while, because through it you will stumble upon the true meaning of happiness.

I used to run away from everything that hurt. I used to ignore it, avoid it, and pretend everything was okay, even when it wasn’t. It eventually led to a temper that was hard to control, which caused me to hurt a lot of people — especially the ones I loved. It led to my deepest insecurities and a defeated spirit that only thought of the worst when triggered.

I didn’t have the greatest childhood. I was constantly picked on for my weight. The teasing almost led me to an eating disorder at one point. I had low self-esteem, so I skipped a meal. I believed I wasn’t worth it, so I barely ate. 

It took me 18 years to finally see an ounce of beauty in me. It took me nine years of believing in myself to live the life I live, and it took me five years of working through my demons to have the confidence I have now. 

I honestly do not know how I survived all those years of low self-esteem. I guess I’ve always had a spark of positivity, even through the darkest of days. I had a glimmer of hope that kept me going, even through the moments of difficulty. I had a spark of strength that persisted, even in the moments I felt the weakest.

I kept a hint of determination and a good amount of faith telling me that nothing lasts forever because I wouldn’t allow it to. It got me through the worst of times.

If anything like this ever happens to you, I need you to be strong. I need you to be kind to yourself, and believe in all of your ability to make it to the other side. 

I need you to fight for your peace of mind. Someone will always be there to remind you of the pieces of positivity in the world. I need you to survive and thrive in them.

There is immense power in looking at the bright side. To be positive is to believe in yourself. You’re telling yourself that you can and will survive this because you have enough faith to see things through. Positive thinking has a bigger influence on your life than you think. The world may not agree, but at the end of the day, we all need something to look forward to.

There is wisdom in your wounds, opportunity in your obstacles, and strength in your scars. There is hope in the hurt and clarity in the chaos. 

We all have our fair share of personal demons. I want you to know that it’s okay to make mistakes. I actually encourage you to make as many as you can because it means you’re trying. It means you’re learning and living. It’s okay to be vulnerable because there is strength in admitting your faults. You are perfectly imperfect, beautiful inside and out, and your voice matters in more ways you can imagine.

I hope you learn to let go of everything that’s broken your heart, the stresses of uncertainty upon your life, and the fear that you are not living the life you’ve imagined.

I hope you find love beyond your desires, a life that exceeds your expectations, and an unlimited source of power risen from your pain.

Photo by Kha Ruxury from Pexels


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