Why It’s Time You Stop Being Quiet And Start Being Bold


One small quote has quickly become my life motto. Although the quote is just six simple words, it’s so important to me that it’s literally etched into my skin. The cursive letters on my ankle read, “Be A Part Of The Noise,” and my tattoo always reminds me to do just that. 

To many others, this quote may just seem like a few random words, but completely defines who I am and who I want to be. To me, being a part of the noise means being strong and standing up for what you believe in. It means taking on the world with bravery and confidence. Being “a part of the noise” means using your voice because speaking up is the bold thing to do. 

And being bold is so important. 

In a world where everyone tells you to “be quiet” and stop drawing attention to ourselves, it’s only right that we live boldly. This generation doesn’t want people to silence us or laugh at our ideas. We’re educated and opinionated, and we want people to take us seriously. We won’t ever back down because we were all born to rise against the masses. We’re not our ancestors. The knowledge that they lovingly passed on makes us even stronger. 

Therefore, I don’t want to hear that my boldness isn’t welcome. I don’t want to hold in my opinions just because my viewpoints make other people uncomfortable. I’m tired of thinking that my “uniqueness” is unimportant, so I’m going to speak out. I’m the voice of change that our world needs, and so are you. 

After all, bold people are the ones who help our society make strides towards greatness.

From a young age, our parents tell us to fight for what’s right. Yet when we speak up too much, our parents scold us for being disobedient. We can wear whatever makes us happy, but if we dress differently than people expect, they say that we’re unusual. Worst of all, when our opinion goes against the grain, people tell us to shut up because what we think doesn’t conform to the majority.

I wish everyone would let their true selves shine. I mean, how else did all of the amazing people we learned about in school become so great? They weren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zones, even when their beliefs went against societal norms. So be bold, be true, and be you. I know I’m sick of seeing the same old perspectives anyway. Aren’t you? 

Featured Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash.


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