4 Tips For Keeping Your Curly Hair Healthy And Beautiful

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and that’s especially true of hair texture Women with straight hair say that they want curls because straight hair is boring, while curly-haired women wish they had straighter, more manageable hair. But if you have curly hair, never fear! Here are a few ways to make sure that your curls remain one of your best features:

Shampoo And Conditioner

If you have curly hair, don’t skimp on shampoo and conditioner. Taming your wayward mane starts with a healthy cleansing and effective conditioning session. Choose a low-sudsing shampoo with moisturizing properties, then follow it up with a thick smoothing conditioner that will rinse cleanly. You should also consider the installation of a water softener to prevent the roughness and breakage that can occur when hard water comes into contact with your hair. 

To Dry Or Not To Dry

Your curls may put up a fight when you want to brush your hair, but they’re actually pretty delicate. Too much heat or rough handling can mean serious hair damage. This also goes for how you dry your hair after a wash. If you have tighter, coil-like curls, you will need to either let nature take its course and allow your hair to air-dry or invest in a large-finger diffuser attachment for your blow dryer. Also,  do your best to not touch your curls, as your skin’s moisture can cause frizzing. Keep your blow dryer’s setting on low or medium heat in order to put strain on your hair cuticles. After all, hair cuticle damage can cause frizzing, puffing, and roughness, and who wants that? 

Product Placement

With the variety of hair care products on the market, finding a product that works on your curly tresses can feel overwhelming. You should avoid anything that may dry out your hair, so check the ingredient list for alcohol-based additives. When you’re looking for hair care products, you’ll also want to consider your hair’s texture. Some products contain silicone, which can help flatten your hair, but frequent use can cause you to lose all of your hair’s volume.

Accessories Matter

For women with coiled tendrils, the routine doesn’t end with a wash and style routine, no matter how faithfully you follow the regimen. When you have curly hair, you need to consider how you style your hair and even which pillowcases to use. While you could make ponytails or braids with your long, curly hair, thin elastics tend to tangle in your curls. Additionally, most pillowcases rub against your hair cuticles, which makes your curls look frizzy. A silk pillowcase, though, will help calm your hair overnight!pillowcase

Curly hair may seem difficult to care for, but if you know the right products to use, you can maintain your gorgeous curls. If you take these hints, you’ll love your curly tresses more than ever before!

Photo by Philipe Cavalcante on Unsplash


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