This National “Say Something Nice” Day, We Challenge You To Truly Be Nice

This National Say Something Nice Day, are you really being nice?

Today, I encourage you to take the time to think about what being “nice” really entails. 

“Nice” is a blanket statement, which makes its true definition unclear. Today, I give you permission to define the word “nice” for yourself. What does it mean to you when others compliment you? And how do you interpret it when you share it with others? 

When you say or hear the word “nice,” what do you truly express? Does “nice” express that someone is loving? Caring? Loyal? Compassionate? Inclusive? There’s no right or wrong answer – “nice” can mean any and all of these things. The important thing, though, is to be intentional with how you give and receive the word “nice.”

It’s also important to define the word “nice” as it applies to yourself. What does being “nice” to yourself look like? Does it mean talking positively to and about yourself? Allowing yourself to express your feelings? Or does it mean curling up  and watching your favorite show after a long day?.  

Regardless of what the word “nice” means to you personally, consider this: If you’re always nice to others, but not to yourself, are you really a “nice” person?

People might constantly tell you how “nice” you are, but it means nothing if you aren’t nice to yourself. This National Say Something Nice Day, I challenge you to truly be nice – which you can only do if you include yourself.

You’ll always have a good heart, but it’s time to extend your good heart to yourself. You’ll always be a good friend, but it’s time to consider yourself a friend, too. You’ll always care about others’ lives, but this National Say Something Nice Day, it’s time to acknowledge that your life has meaning, too.

Today and every day, remember that no matter how you define the word “nice,” you need to be nice to yourself. You’re inherently worthy of the same kindness you show others simply because you’re human.

Written in collaboration with Haley Stern.

Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash


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