5 Ways To Keep Your Home Spotless and Sanitary During COVID-19


Right now, you probably pay more attention to hygiene than you ever have before. The COVID-19 virus has created an avalanche of fear and anxiety about hygiene. The good news, though, is that staying tidy can keep you healthier and also be a soothing quarantine activity. Here are five methods to help you keep your home spotless and sanitary. 

1. Avoid Tracking Germs Inside 

One of the best things you can do right now is simply stay inside. Every time you go out, you risk tracking disease back into your home when you return. If you do leave the house, make sure that you wipe your shoes down with disinfectant when you return home and wash your hands immediately after.

Limit grocery runs to once every week or two. Reschedule any in-person appointments functions. Most doctors now offer telehealth options, and many companies have set up remote support centers for their business functions. Ask your workplace about remote work options too. Everything else you may need to do should also be available online right now.

2. Use A Cleaner Approved To Remove The Virus 

With all due respect to DIY cleaning products, some natural ingredients, like vinegar, don’t effectively kill COVID-19. Before you embark on a mission to create a sanitary home, make sure that your cleaning products meet EPA standards. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to search too hard. A bleach solution will work on many surfaces. Additionally, several brands of disinfecting wipes make the list, too. You can also purchase industrial-strength disinfectant, but beware of the cash you’ll drop – it’ll cost a pretty penny. 

3. Pay Attention To Frequently-Used Devices 

Did you set your cellphone on your grocery cart? Did you hand a problematic credit card to a cashier to swipe for you? Guess what? These surfaces could transmit the virus. Make sure that you wipe down your possessions after you use them in public places. 

In your home, make sure that you wipe down your remote control and any computer mice and keyboards that you use regularly. Spray light fixtures and toilet handles with a disinfectant solution, too. Also, pay particular attention to your kitchen and dining areas. 

4. Make Hand Washing Part Of Your Routine 

You now know that you should sing “Happy Birthday” in your head twice when you lather up your digits. But do you know the best times to wash your hands? To keep your hands their cleanest, scrub off before and after you do the following tasks:

·      Using the restroom

·      Prepping or eating food

·      Playing with pets

·      Changing diapers or taking out the trash

5. Wash Laundry The Right Way 

When you do your laundry, make sure that you use the warmest possible water setting to kill any lingering germs. Although clothing is porous, which makes it unlikely to transmit the virus, you should change your clothes if you left the house or had any contact with others.

When you use commercial laundry facilities to sanitize your clothing, avoid shaking or hanging your laundry, and don’t place wet laundry on top of the machines as you could scatter the virus that way. Also, try to use laundromats at times when few people frequent the area and wear a mask and gloves while you’re there. 

You always want to keep your home as clean as possible, but it’s especially important during this pandemic. Follow these tips to protect yourself and the people you live with from COVID-19.

What methods are you using to keep your house sanitary during this time? Share them with us in the comments!

Feature Image by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash



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