27 Unbelievably Cool AirBnB’s That Are Actually Affordable

If you can’t afford all the flights and expenses that come along with a big summer vaca, don’t stress. You can totally have a relaxing getaway right here in North America. AirBnb is honestly one of the coolest sites ever invented and it takes couch surfing to a whole new level. Folks at AirBnb post listings of their homes to be rented out by people just like you and it’s completely safe! Each renter has an open line of communication with the rentee, and similar to how you would go about buying something on Amazon, you get the option to check out how many stars and reviews they have. With locations spanning all across North America, I’ve compiled a list of 27 super cool and unique AirBnb rentals under $250 (CAN) that are completely roadtrip-able:

  1. School Bus $40/night – Salinas CA
  2. “A-Frame” Rustic Off-Grid Cabin $68/night – Gasquet, CA
  3. Cozy Cabin With Ocean View $73/night – Sechelt BC
  4. Raven’s View $77/night – Tofino BC
  5. Treehouse $82/night – Millarville AB
  6. Dome Suite $90/night – Duncan BC
  7. Dog Bark Park Inn $98/night – Cottonwood, ID
  8. Escarpment Cabin $102/night Plantagenet ON
  9. Cob Cottage $114/night – Mayne Island BC
  10. Magic Barn $118/night – Portland, OR
  11. Blue Caboose $118/night – Flat River PEI
  12. Church $129/night – Annapolis Royal NS
  13. Hip Private Apartment  $135/night – Chicago, IL
  14. Mushroom Dome $155/night – Aptos, CA
  15. Maui Treehouse $165/night – Hana, HI
  16. Fern Forest Treehouse $169/night – Lincoln, VT
  17. Oceanview Apartment $169/night – Miami Beach, FL
  18. Tile House $175/night – Twentynine Palms, CA
  19. Sky Cabin $175/night – Seattle, WA
  20. Rotating House $186/night – North Rustico PEI
  21. The Artist Loft $187/night – Montreal QC
  22. Swallowtail Studios Treehouse $195/night – Petaluma, CA
  23. Modern Zen Loft $199/night – Portland, OR
  24. Old Quebec Condo $200/night – Quebec QC
  25. Chalet Panorama $213/night – Saint-Simeon QC
  26. Loft $242/night – Quebec QC
  27. Volcano Treehouse (pushes the budget but WORTH IT) $275/night – Hawaii, HI

If you have a few extra bucks, this secluded in-town treehouse breaks our budget but is definitely worth sharing. In Atlanta, for $350 a night it is truly a peaceful place to plan some time out of the city without being too far from civilization. Whether you’re basking in the sunshine enjoying beautiful views, or spending a weekend in a sweet treehouse cabin, you’ll be bound to have a blast renting one of these spaces. Part of the fun is in the journey so don’t fret if you couldn’t afford a $1000 plane ticket to Paris. Grab some buds and make the most of your summer by exploring all the wonders Canada and the US have to offer!

Featured image via AirBnb.


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