Millennials, Here’s Why You Need To Listen To The Social Distancing Pleas

social distancing

With coronavirus spreading quickly all over the world, practicing good hygiene and listening to health officials’ recommendations is vital. However, many members of the younger generations aren’t listening to these “social distancing” pleas. Furthermore, they still go to bars and restaurants. Social distancing is immensely important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We must follow certain rules — for our safety and others’.

Most of the youth these days think that coronavirus isn’t an issue for them — they have strong immune systems, while the virus seems to be lethal to the older generations. While that’s generally true, though, you can still carry the virus and infect older people without even knowing it. We often forget that older generations have weaker immune systems and may also have preexisting conditions that make them more susceptible to catching any virus.

Think of your grandparents, aunts, or uncles — some of them, once infected, might suffer tremendously. We should all take the necessary precautions these days because that’s what they are – necessary.

Many members of various health organizations, as well as our fellow young people, have expressed how serious the need for social distancing is. Social distancing doesn’t cost us anything and can even save lives.

Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ted Cruz took to Twitter to express their thoughts on social distancing and encourage the younger generations to eat at home instead of going to restaurants and bars :

And for those who don’t understand, Ocasio-Cortez also explained the meaning of the word “crowded” — which apparently is something that a lot of people needed to hear.

Moreover, if you’re a young healthy person, social distancing can save you from contracting the virus yourself.

It’s important to remember that while younger people are less likely to be in a critical condition as a result of COVID-19, they can still become infected. And regardless of your age, COVID-19 is unpleasant if you’re infected.

This is a time when we should all think about each other’s health.

The only way to contain the spread of coronavirus is to limit the number of people who get infected. We can social distance, use proper hygiene, and take care of ourselves in order to limit those numbers. This dreadful virus has already claimed over 6,500 lives, and the death toll is increasing daily. Therefore, we should all do everything we can in order to stop this pandemic as soon as possible, including staying home.

So everyone, please respect the social distancing practices. Follow basic hygiene rules; wash your hands; sneeze in your elbow; don’t touch your face. Make sure that you stay at least six feet away from others if you do go outside, but only go out when it’s absolutely necessary. I’m sure we can all adjust to spending time at home for a little while.

Stay safe, everyone!

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