7 True Crime YouTube Channels You Should Definitely Watch

Viewer warning: True crime videos can be graphic, and can contain sensitive content that will be disturbing to some viewers. Please listen and watch with discretion. 

The true crime genre is fascinating. Listening to the stories about the darkest members of humanity can be addictive. These stories also give a voice to their silenced victims. Whether you’re looking for the best storytellers to make your commute to work go by faster, or you’re simply ready to curl up on the couch with a murder mystery, these are the best YouTube channels to get your true crime fix. 

1. Kendall Rae 

Kendall Rae releases true crime videos frequently, usually multiple times a week unless she is working on a larger project. As of January 2020, she has released her first true crime “vlogumentary,” which consists of 2 one-hour-long segments full of gripping storytelling and intrigue. Some of her most popular videos are from her Where Is series. In these videos she encourages her subscribers to donate to an organization called Thorn, which combats human trafficking of children. 

If you can’t get enough of Kendall Rae on her own channel, you’re in luck! She also covers true crime and conspiracy theories with her husband, Josh Thomas, on the Mile Higher Podcast. 

2. Danielle Hallan

If you love true crime, then you should join the Hallan Fam and subscribe to Danielle Hallan. She is an excellent YouTuber who is great at presenting facts and theories in an interesting, yet unbiased way. Generally, she tends to concentrate her videos on spreading awareness about unsolved missing person cases. She hopes that if enough people see and share her videos, people with information to solve the cases will come through. While missing people are her focus, Danielle also covers solved cases and tells bizarre stories about the world in general, such as the dark reality of what happens to the people who die on Mt. Everest. 

3. Brooke Makenna 

Despite the dark material she covers, Brooke Makenna is known for her kindness, positivity, and soft voice. She starts every video by telling her viewers how much she adores them and that they are “genuine gems.” Her videos usually cover solved murder cases and murder mysteries. 

She also does a themed series of videos based on upcoming holidays. For example, she celebrates Halloween with “ODDtober”. During December 2019, she had also posted a new video every day for her “Wicked Winter” series. 

4. Christina Randall 

Even though Christina Randall is fairly new to covering true crime on YouTube, she has hit the ground running. She tells her chosen stories with a unique perspective since she has served time in prison herself. She has since turned her life around and become a better person, but she still knows what it is like to be on the wrong side of the law. Christina’s true crime videos are in-depth and often in multiple parts. She frequently reacts to developing or high profile cases that are currently in trial. She prefers to cover one recent case in great detail for a prolonged period rather than producing many videos about cases that are far in the past. 

If you scroll back to Christina’s earlier videos, you will also find a plethora of vlogs about her prison experience and the injustices and hardships that female inmates face on a daily basis. 

5. Samantha M. 

Samantha M. is a true crime junkie who posts videos once a week. Since she’s Australian, the majority of the cases she covers are from her home country. Through that, she gives American listeners a chance to hear true crime stories they probably have never even heard about. Moreover, she doesn’t focus on any specific category. Instead, she tells a mix of solved and unsolved cases regarding murder, serial killers, and missing persons. 

6. Loey Lane 

If you like true crime videos, then you’ll definitely enjoy Loey Lane, who’s an amazing storyteller. She doesn’t always post true crime how you would normally think of it but instead focuses on the paranormal and spooky. Many of her videos center around the darker side of the internet, ghost hunting, urban legends, or stories about creepy experiences she’s had herself. Loey is a fan of horror and gained a lot of subscribers in 2019 thanks to her viral video coverage of an extreme haunt, known as McKamey Manor, where visitors are tortured with their worst fears until they reach the point of near-death. 

7. Buzzfeed Unsolved Network

Pretty much everyone has seen or heard of Buzzfeed’s more lighthearted videos, but this is where to go for the group’s coverage of true crime, supernatural, and conspiracy. Buzzfeed Unsolved Network is probably the most mainstream true crime channel on this list and it also has the broadest range of content. There, you will find everything from haunted cemetery stories to the history behind how famous criminals were caught. On this channel, you can also find informational videos about self-protection from Navy Seals and private investigators, as well as a series of interviews with people who survived insane situations. 

While this is only a sampling of the true crime YouTube channels, these 7 are definitely the best of the best. With each of their unique perspectives and thorough coverage, all of these YouTubers have something to offer for every true crime junkie. 

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  1. All of these are great also Stephanie Harlow , True Crime Loser , & Shallon Lester I believe is her name. 🙂

  2. Brief Case. Murder Mysteries. Rob Gavagan. Twisted News. That Chapter! Etc.. They left off so many amazing ones. Without gimmicks. No food. No makeup etc…


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