7 Popular 2020 Wellness Trends You Should Try This Year


Most people add gym visits to their New Year’s goals as a way to improve their physical appearance. However, we should actually prioritize our physical and mental health, not just our desire to sculpt a beautiful body. If you want to improve your well-being this year, consider jumping on board with these seven wellness trends.

1. Workouts For Health

High-intensity interval training was once all gym rats wanted to do, but fitness junkies are now focusing on more gentle workouts. Remove “no pain, no gain” from your vocabulary and realize that not all workouts should take a toll on your body. Flexible training systems are also rising in popularity. These systems focus less on muscle-building and more on muscle stretching and joint function. And of course, playing sports can also help you reach your physical and mental health goals.

2. Healthy Sleep

Society no longer views a lack of sleep as a symbol of productivity and success, but rather an indication of an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, more and more people now recognize the importance of rest. Therefore, gadgets and accessories like white noise machines, night masks, and cool gel mattresses have gained popularity. While all of these items may help you achieve better sleep, it’s important to work on prioritizing rest and creating a healthy nighttime routine as well.

3. Wellness Relaxation

Recreational activities like wellness cruises, therapeutic retreats, wellness camps, and mass meditations can actually help you prioritize your well-being, too. If you’re tired of living a life full of stress and sedentary activity, then you may want to look into ways to add wellness relaxation into your life. If you can’t fit a full-fledged wellness trip into your schedule, though, just try to see a lymphatic drainage massage master at your local spa center over the weekend. You can even get outside and engage with nature to add some eco-therapy treatment into your life.

4. Pure Beauty

A couple of years ago, people started taking a more conscious approach to choosing cosmetics, and this movement continues to gain popularity. Essentially, “pure beauty” means that you use products that don’t contain any harmful ingredients and cause only minimal harm to the environment and animals. However, don’t let pseudo-green brand labels fool you. Before you jump on the pure beauty train, do your research.

5. Digital Detox

Information noise is one of the most pressing threats to our health and wellness. Unfortunately, the Internet divide of free versus paid information only continues to grow with time. What’s more, “free Internet” bombards us with a bunch of ads, banners, unverified information, and low-quality content. To combat the barrage of information noise, more and more people are taking digital detoxes to improve their health. You can try taking smartphone-free moments or spend weekends without Internet and see how a digital detox benefits you.

6. Mental Health

Now more than ever, we’re all seeing the importance of maintaining our mental health. Even celebrities are talking about their mental illnesses in order to tackle the mental health stigma. Since stress and anxiety threatens everyone, it’s important to engage in wellness trends that help you maintain your mental health as well as your physical health.

7. Quitting Alcohol

The number of young adults who voluntarily exclude alcohol from their lives is steadily rising. Getting drunk at parties or having a couple of glasses of wine over dinner is no longer the way many millennials look to have fun. We’re looking for other ways to relax and finding that keeping a sober mind is the solution. If you notice that you’re using alcohol to cope with everyday stress, consider jumping on the sober living train.

Prioritizing your physical and mental health is important, no matter whether it’s one of your goals for 2020. If you add these seven wellness trends into your everyday life, you can start taking care of yourself and building healthy habits that will enhance your life for years to come.

Featured Photo by Form on Unsplash.


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