How A Nightly Routine Can Actually Help You Sleep Better

Are you one of those people who wake up in the morning already looking forward to going to sleep at night? If so, you probably either love sleep or don’t seem to get enough. Struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep is common for many people. That’s why having a nightly routine plays such an important role in your sleep patterns. There are several things you can try to have a successful night of rest.

First, you should really have a bedtime.

I know that setting yourself a bedtime sounds terribly silly as an adult, but it really makes a difference. Having a set routine helps your body get used to a regular rest cycle. Spontaneous bedtime patterns make sleep much harder on your body.

Every night, a few hours before I start winding down, I make sure that I shower, bathe, and take makeup off before I go to bed for the night. That way, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I have plenty of time to relax again. Staying relaxed is the most important key to setting a successful bedtime routine!

I love using essential oils before bed as well.

Lavender oil is my go-to for sleep and relaxation. When I started using lavender oil nightly, I noticed significant changes in my sleep quality. I was falling and staying asleep much more frequently, which is a huge win. I find that diffusing lavender while I relax in my bed at night (before I actually go to sleep) helps calm my mind, body, and soul.

Simultaneously, as the lavender oils run, I turn off anything with a screen. It is really hard to relax when notifications keep pinging, especially considering how much of a tech addict I am. So, if necessary I will put my phone on silent because I know that otherwise, I won’t have a restful night of sleep. I try to stay off my phone, computer, and iPad starting at least an hour before bed.

Since I have no electronic devices right before I go to bed, I use that time to focus on my needs.

I might make myself a warm cup of tea and read a book. You might find me trying to meditate and stretch my body. Sometimes, I even use this time to reflect on my life and pray. This hour before bed is crucial, and I want it to be as calm as possible. It’s vital to go to bed with a clear head; otherwise you will stay up, tossing and turning the entire night.

It’s important to have a nightly routine, no matter what it is.

Routine is a great indicator to your body that it’s time to settle down and prepare for sleep. Especially i you’re like me, and your body  requires more sleep than the average person, be sure to find a nightly routine that works best for you.

Feature Image by ducminh nguyen on Unsplash


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