I Tried The SDxJS Makeup Collection, And Here’s What You Need To Know

Whether you’ve been watching the Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star series, have been following Shane Dawson since his Hannah Montana spoof days, or just really like makeup, you’ve probably heard about the SDxJS collection. The makeup collaboration between Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star is here, and it’s absolutely fabulous.

I was lucky enough to try out products from the SDxJS collection, and they definitely lived up to my expectations.

Let me just start off by saying that acquiring my SDxJS palettes took time (and lots of anxiety), but the products were worth the wait. Buying the palettes took a frantic phone call, my extremely dedicated partner jumping on his work computer, and some incredibly fast clicking, but I got them, and that’s what matters. 

Unfortunately, this collection’s launch was chaotic, so the palettes took over a month to arrive, but they were well worth the wait. I didn’t expect a quick delivery, though, considering that the SDxJS launch literally broke Shopify.

Trying the products excited me because I’m a huge Shane Dawson fan.

I also happen to love high-end makeup, but I chose to test out the Conspiracy and Mini Controversy palettes with an open mind. 

The first thing that I noticed when I applied the makeup is that the range of colors is so diverse. The collection features a variety of warm and neutral shades that are great for everyday wear.

But if you like a dramatic night look, never fear! There are also several vibrant colors that you can use to create showstopping, elaborate looks.

Each shadow in the palette also has adorable designs etched into it, which is a definite plus for anyone who loves taking aesthetic photos of their latest makeup purchases. It’s clear that Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star put a lot of thought into every single shade, as well as the palette design as a whole.

The quality of the JSC makeup also stood out to me.

The pigment is bright, blendable, and will stay on all day pays off so well! Some of the colors (My Pills, Trisha, and My Ride is Here) do have some fall-out, but it’s far less than many of the other palettes I own. not the worst I’ve had to deal with. The slight fall-out is my only complaint about the JSC palettes, which I believe speaks volumes about the quality of the shadows. 

Considering that SDxJS is a popular, big-name collection, the price point is also reasonable. When you consider how much shadow you get for the overall price, you’ll discover that you pay around $2.89 per shade per palette. For the size of the pans, the shades’ versatility, and the palette’s quality, the collection is a steal

My only regret about the collection is that I wasn’t able to get my hands on any of the Velour Liquid lipsticks, but I’m looking forward to a full restock in 2020. 

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the SDxJS collection.

I’m definitely going to try out more from JSC, and if you’re a makeup lover, you should try out the new palettes, too!

Internal photos shared with contributor’s permission.

Featured Photo via Pexels



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