The Secret To Making Your Eyeshadow Long Lasting

I would be constantly staring at girls in public just checking out their makeup, wondering “Wow, how in the world does every girl have their eye makeup look SO perfect?” I have tried for years and years and still have not grasped the concept.

There were girls in high school I had classes with and even my cousins that whenever they applied their makeup on you would think they were about to walk the catwalk. The way these girls applied their makeup made them look like models. No joke!  It really bothered me. Let me give you the visual shall I? Okay, so picture a girl 5ft 2 in. (average build) globing on creamy eye makeup all over and assuming if I top off my look with a pair of heels I’ll be good to go. No…I was wrong and far from any “fashionista!”

I have tried a variety of different makeup; the expensive ones like MAC and Sephora down to drugstore finds. And that didn’t work either.

Recently while in a tizzy trying to make it on time to work (as I’m usually late) almost 99.9% of the time, I tried something out of the ordinary. Remember chapstick? Oh I know, what a blast from the past, right!? Well, believe it or not applying the clear natural flavor chapstick to your eyebrows and eyelids can really help to enhance the color and allow the makeup to last way longer.

Who would have guessed? Not me! Even though I may not have the body like Gisele Bündchen I can sure have her eyes! So now when I open up my front door, I walk out with pride, shoulders back, head held high and of course a big smile on my face. And it’s ALL because I finally mastered “how-to-apply eye makeup properly.”

The make-up part: Use a light color first to highlight your brow bone making stroking notions with the brush from side to side. Next, take a slightly darker color and brush it exactly on top of the eyelid. Pick a third favorite color that matches the family scheme and blends well.

From my experience I have noticed using a black eyeshadow in replace of a liquid eyeliner looks a bit more natural and less messy. That part is really a personal preference.

Applying the chapstick to your brows gives a smooth sleek look. It’s also a beauty trick when you haven’t had time to get them waxed… or what’s the new thing called…? Oh, that’s right… threaded! I love having mine threaded. It sure does hurt a little. But it’s worth the pain. It feels more like teeny weeny ant bites. Not so bad right!?

Featured image via Unsplash

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