5 Steps For Making The Most Heartwarming Christmas eCards

Christmas is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to enjoy classic Christmas songs, wintery movies,  gingerbread Starbucks lattes, and of course, Christmas cards. As a matter of fact, December 9 is Christmas Card Day, so send a festive Christmas card today. Sending greeting cards not only helps people feel far more special, but they also make perfect gifts for that person who claims that they “don’t want anything for Christmas.” 

Since we live in the digital age, why not send eCards this holiday season? Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you send heartwarming Christmas greeting eCards:

1. Get into the festive spirit!

If you want to make the best Christmas greeting eCards, you need to feel the holiday spirit. Whether you check out festive GIFs, wrap gifts, or make Christmas desserts, find a method that helps you get into the festive mood so you can start your eCards.

2. Draw inspiration from hand-drawn greeting cards.

You probably want to surprise your loved ones with your amazing Christmas greeting eCard design, but finding the right look may feel overwhelming. The good news? You can surf the Internet to find a design that best suits your recipients’ preferences. Moreover, you can find a variety of eye-catching hand-drawn greeting cards on the Web, so you can repurpose those ideas in your electronic cards. 

3. Start designing your visual content.

Once you select a design idea, it’s time to create your visual content. Looking for stock Christmas images and photos will definitely help. Don’t worry about authenticity, though. Since you’ll use the image as your eCard’s background, you can add personal touches in other ways. In fact, it’s easy to use your own illustrations and design elements to transform a stock image into a special, beautiful card.

4. Write Christmas messages and wishes.

Many people struggle to write messages that express their feelings. However, you don’t need to be a creative writer to share sweet Christmas wishes. Just speak from your heart.  If all else fails, just Google search “Christmas messages” and adapt ideas that fit your needs.

5. Send your eCard.

Before you send your Christmas eCards, think about your recipients’ digital preferences. Do they use email, or do they prefer social media? The best thing about eCards is that you can either download your card or copy the link and send them to your loved ones via text or social media. It doesn’t take much time or effort to make heartwarming Christmas greeting eCards that express your love and admiration for your loved ones. Use these suggestions to create thoughtful eCards that let your loved ones know that you’re thinking of them, both on Christmas Card Day and always.

Featured Photo via Pexels


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