3 Things You Need To Do When You Finally Find Yourself

We’ve all been at that stage where we know exactly what we are doing with our lives. We have accepted the past, are in touch with the now, and have the future at our fingertips. It’s a great feeling, right? But, for some, this “stage” somehow manages to slowly crumble around us. For others, you’re suddenly a passenger of a sinking ship and you’re going down fast. No matter how slow or fast it happens, we all end up in the same place. Just you, your messy life, and the uncertainty of where the hell to go next. If you’re anything like me, you’ve found the silver lining to the madness; you re-met yourself.

It definitely wasn’t the most formal of meetings. It took place somewhere beneath an unmade bed, too much (insert guilty pleasure Netflix show here), and the refusal to put pants on. It suddenly hits you that your life has changed but it didn’t forget to take you with it, and sometimes that’s the worst part, the fact that you have to keep going. Occasionally life feels like it should come to a complete stop, especially when something significant in your own life has. I have figured this out first hand, but I have also never felt so confident in who I am becoming because of it.

You find what makes you ignite. Everyone has hobbies, but there’s always something that gets you fired up in a way nothing else can. Sometimes we only know of our hobbies and passions, but never have seen or felt the spark of our passions. Being lost and out-of-place in our own lives gives us that chance to see eye-to-eye with that passion, which can ultimately get you back on your feet. I always thought I knew who I was, but somehow through hard times I dug a little deeper within myself. Reconnect with these passions because ultimately reconnecting with something you once loved is the best way to find yourself again.

You decide what works and what doesn’t. Trial and error, we’ve all heard of it. But, when’s the last time you intentionally did something to determine whether that something will work or not? Maybe you want to rock climb but you don’t like heights. So what? Throw on the harness and get up there, you might find your height fear is something you made up all along and you truly love the thrill of it! Or, maybe you find you definitely are afraid of heights and you’re just glad to be off that ledge. Either way, you tried something new and you confirmed your feelings towards it (and you now have a super awesome story to tell at the holidays!). Sometimes we block out new opportunities in our life because, frankly, we don’t want change. Change is inevitable, so embrace it. Grab change by the hand it let it guide you through your hard times, you have a whole world full of opportunities to discover yourself in.

You let go. Letting go can mean many things. It can be as easy as throwing stuff away or more complex. When you let go of “what if” thoughts and unrealistic scenarios, you open your door to reality. Sometimes reality shows up ready to kick your butt and sometimes it gracefully walks in. However reality shows up in your life doesn’t define how you will be shaped by it. When you let go of what’s pulling you down you are taking control of you, your life, and how the future you is going to handle the next hardship. Let go of the thought that all hard times have to be hard and look for that silver lining, it’s not always noticeable, but it’s there.

Sometimes the new you can be scary. It’s like going on a “first date” with yourself; what are you to expect? Don’t run from your curiosity, feelings, or emotions. Let them be your trusted guide on the path to re-meeting yourself and please, don’t forget, embrace every moment of your personal journey, whether it’s bad or good that got you seeking.  

Featured image via Rendy Maulana Yusup on Pexels



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