7 Tips You Should Try Next Time You’re Gambling

The world of gambling is packed with tips and strategies for the best way to play. But if you no longer want to take a gamble on your success at the casino, try these seven tips to win big next time you play

1. Casinos pay you to play.

Casinos may not throw you extra cash for playing, but many do offer their customers complimentary gifts. The more you play, the more you earn. Being a “frequent flier” at your casino is a handy way to squeeze some extra cash out of your gambling experience, but please play responsibly.

2. Picking the right games is important.

Especially if you’re a gambling novice, some games are easier to play than others. If you’re looking to make a profit, opt for games that require a bit of skill but won’t leave you penniless too quickly. Most players can quickly learn the rules of blackjack, video poker, craps, and baccarat, so start there and gradually work your way up. 

3. Make sports wagers online.

Online betting is much easier and more convenient than traditional gambling, so use the Internet to bet on sports. Additionally, gambling online provides more competitive odds and a wider array of betting markets. When you play online, you can also rack up bonuses and rewards, which will increase your net profits long-term. 

4. Don’t bluff too much.

Poker newbies tend to bluff often, but your habit of faking can quickly lead to a reputation as “the boy who cried wolf.” In order for your bluff to work, you need to make the other players believe that you have an excellent hand. If bluffing is your signature move, though, no one will believe you, and other players will take advantage… and all of your money.

5. Progressive betting systems don’t work.

Progressive betting systems work occasionally, but they also guarantee that you’ll have a session where you lose many bets in a row. When you have a losing streak, your budget won’t be able to keep up, and table limits will cap you off. Don’t even go there – it’s not worth your time or money.

6. Look for smaller jackpots.

Whether you’re betting on slots or roulette, it’s tempting to play whichever game promises a huge pay-out. But remember, the other players’ money makes up the jackpot, so your chances of winning are higher with smaller payoffs. There’s such low variance in the game design that you’re far more likely to get more for your money. 

7. Play short odds, not long odds.

It might not be as fun to win £20 as it is to score hundreds, but shorter odds tell you who most people favour in a game. If enough experienced gamblers favour one competitor over another, you should know that you’re unlikely to win. Being conservative with your betting might not be too exciting, but it certainly produces more wins than aggressive betting, no matter what type of games draw your eye. 

If you regularly walk away from the casino feeling defeated by your substantially lighter pocketbook, fear no longer!  Using these tips to bet more safely and intelligently will help you score the win of your life.

Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash


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