12 Hilarious Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs

If you’ve ever worked at least a day in your life, then you know how frustrating jobs can feel at times. From rude customers to unreasonably long shifts to horrible bosses, we all have at least one story about how we almost quit our stressful jobs.

Hence, here are 12 hilarious stories from people who suddenly called it quits and left their old jobs.

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1. A Priceless Video

Via AnotherCleverGuy

Well, that should definitely do it.

2. The Hidden Message

Via InternetSpaceship

The sneakiness here is admirable.

3. Plain Old Giving Up

Via Leumas_

He just simply couldn’t do it anymore. I can’t say I blame him.

4. “Sorry for your loss, sir. I’m looking into other jobs.”

Via Prettygoodpizza

We all need such confidence.

5. Food Help

via Landlubber77

Well, he definitely knew how to utilize the ingredients.

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6. Red Light Special

Via piyoucaneat

At least, he didn’t have to write any resignation letters.

7. A “Colorful” Resignation

Via The_MonBear
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8. “And then everyone had cake.”

Via Tichrimo

Well, he gave them the cake. It’s a win-win in my book.

9. Poetic Justice

Via ManiacFoSho
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10. Use Your Name

Via CBate

It makes me want to change my name and do the exact same thing.

11. Hitler-style Quitting Horrible Jobs

Via RooR_

For all it’s worth, I admire his style.

12. A Musical Send-Off From Bad Jobs

Via PenguinColada

She’s my #WCW every day! And I’m sure yours too.

When you have to or simply want to quit your terrible job, it’s always better to do it in a funny way. It lessens the impact for you and helps you get back at your annoying boss. (However, definitely give your notice respectfully if it isn’t a job you hate, though.)

Have you ever quit a job in a hilarious way? Share your story with us in the comments below.

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