What Changes You Should Expect To Happen This Scorpio Season

Tomorrow officially marks the beginning of the Scorpio season! But unlike every other year, this time it’s a significant change for not just Scorpios, but all of the signs.

The theme for the next month is reinvention. It will bring a lot of mystery in the air as well. Star signs, including Scorpios, show dominance as though they are sticking a flagpole in the dirt and claiming their territory. But all signs will find this type of energy contagious during next month.

The Saturn-Pluto-South Node is in Capricorn. This means that there’s a sense of urgency to create strong boundaries in your life, both professionally and personally.

So if you notice yourself in a transformative phase (where you don’t want to deal with things and start to re-organize priorities and create a new game plan for yourself), don’t worry. Your mind is essentially in a fall cleaning phase. And it’s helping to set up a new foundation for your future.

You will no longer feel the need to avoid conflicts as much as you used to. Moreover, you will become more selective with your arguments. Each individual sign will increase their energy with Scorpios and zone in on their targets and goals. You’ll also adapt to Scorpio’s mysterious ways and might take a step back from oversharing.

However the new moon on October 27th will directly oppose Uranus, which means a lot of revelations will be made. Sadly, they will be nothing but shocking and a little disheartening. But you need to hear it as you will use it to add some fuel to your driven fire. With the bad comes the good as well though. Because some unexpected opportunities could also develop and certainly help steer you in the right direction for change.

Basically Scorpio season this year is all about rebirth and is going to act as a mini New Year for everyone.

While this restructuring will be overwhelming and may feel out of character, it will ultimately benefit you in the long run. It’ll provide you with the opportunity to start something new. And have that change you’ve been craving for some time now.

With the planets hovering over Capricorn (which is a symbol of structure, foundations, and hierarchy), you will naturally find yourself adapting to Capricorns mentalities.

You’ll soon find yourself throwing caution to the wind and focusing on setting structures that benefit yourself. That also means you will cancel people, traditions and plans that no longer better you. All dead weights will disappear soon.

Mixing the new moon and the planets’ alignments while adding it with the newly developed square between Mars and Pluto (aka Scorpio’s planetary rulers) creates a recipe for the world challenging you to take action. But instead of fearing what’s to come you won’t be intimidated – you’ll empower yourself.

Karma and unconscious wounds will no longer eat you alive and you’ll soon find yourself unapologetic. Pluto has your best interest at heart and will unknowingly take over your life. What’s even better about this news is that Pluto will be in our power from now until January, so this feeling won’t be short-lived either.

Remember: Scorpio season is about death, spiritual reveal, sex and transformation. It’s all bound to happen.

With that being said, we all know Scorpios are the most sex-crazed sign of them all. And with the transformation being so key for all signs, don’t be surprised if you find yourself inspired and curious in the bedroom as well. That’s a direct reflection of the Scorpio season and a potential new path you may be headed towards. Prepare yourself to have fun and bring lots of water you can keep up because it’s going to be very steamy and exotic as compared to your normal. So act like Missy Elliot and get your freak on!

During the time of Scorpio season, you should also explore your intimacy. Your relationship could benefit this new exploration of intimacy between you and your partner. Whereas for those who are single should explore their interests and put forth an effort in their crush.

Come November 12, the full moon will absorb the sensual sign of Taurus. This means that your core values will be exposed and your new path may be illuminated for you. It might feel as though someone will be shining a light on you saying, “this is where you are meant to be going, don’t be scared.” If you’re looking for a sign, this is the one you need.

Scorpio season runs from October 22 until November 22, so there is plenty of time to absorb the energy going around and relax a little about high-stress situations. Take that time for yourself to re-evaluate your life and trust in your gut that you are making the right move. This is the best time to trust the Zodiac in helping you accomplish great things, don’t waste it because of uncertainty.

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