A Timeline of JWoww and Angelina’s Beef After Last Night’s Jersey Shore

If you thought the drama between Jwoww and Angelina heated up on last night’s episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, you clearly thought wrong. The two house mates are currently having a full-blown battle online.

Jenni “Jwoww” Farley and Angelina Pivarnick have been going at it for hours on Twitter. I guess they aren’t as close as they seem on TV?

But how did it all get to this point? Let’s break it down:

During last nights episode Jenni’s boyfriend, Zack (nicknamed “24”), finally made it to Las Vegas to meet the roommates. Clips from the show Zack and Angelina arguing with each other right off the bat.

In summary, Zack commented on Angelina’s lacking sex life. Although she’s openly shared this information, Angelina felt attacked. So she started complaining about him to the other housemates.

Fast forward five minutes in TV time to Jenni passed out at the nightclub. Boyfriend “24” started hitting on Angelina clear as day. After 24 placed his arm around her waist, Angelina vocalized said, “One minute he’s asking about my sex life, the next minute he’s grabbing me! He doesn’t know what boundaries are.”

Then Vinny jumped in and claimed he saw 24 “grabbing Angelina’s ass a little bit.”

(Maybe Vinny was a bit jealous someone else was giving Angelina attention for once?)

To make matters worse, Angelina didn’t share any of this, so Jenni found out just like the rest of us. Talk about betrayal!

Following last night’s episode, the 33-year-old hared just how little she knew about the flirtation between her boo and roommate.

So Jenni basically said, “Boy, bye!” and wanted to disappear after everything aired last night.

JWoww also responded to an IG comment that had Angelina’s back saying: “She was all over him too…. I saw her ass in his face. Real friend there. She stirred the pot knowing it would end up on TV. If she was a true friend, she would’ve checked him and then came straight to me. She lived for the drama and straight disrespect.”

Minutes after the comment occurred, Jenni came back swinging after Angelina played down the situation and blamed 24.

But the comments didn’t stop there after Angelina continued to downplay the situation and slightly play the victim card.


And then Angelina began retweeting and replying to users supporting her, throwing obvious shade at Jenni.

Meanwhile, Snooki (who wasn’t even on the episode!), summed up the drama in one tweet.

Since the episode aired, the mother of two broke up with her boyfriend Zack “24” Clayton Carpinello because of his flirtatious behavior with Angelina.

So Jenni is clearly upset with Angelina for not saying anything, but she isn’t showing any anger towards her “brother” Vinny who also saw the whole thing and didn’t tell her.

It’s also unsure if Jenni is upset with Deena who also witnessed the whole thing.

One thing this episode does is really make us question girl code and the loyalty in friendships as well as the double standard with dating and friendships. Should Jwoww be mad at Vinny and Deena as much as Angelina? Does Angelina have the right to play the victim when being confronted about not saying anything about it? Should everyone have told Jenni to save her the embarrassment? Who freaking knows at this point.

But if you thought this weeks episode was crazy enough, next week’s episode looks even more dramatic and bat sh*t crazy.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what keeps coming out on screen and on social media, but this fight is far from over.

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