Bella Thorne Is Directing A Film For Pornhub & Here Are The Details

Bella Thorne has come a long way since her days as an actress on Disney Channel. Some of us even grew up watching her on Shake It Up. Since then, she became a very different type of character. Watching her wild ride and development as a person has been interesting, to say the least. 

Her most recent endeavor? Directing a film for the Pornhub Visionary Directors series.

It will be the third installment in the series and who better to come up with something for it than Bella Thorne. She described it as an “erotic thriller” and has referred to her film as “ethereal” and “beautiful.”

Some names we may or may not know since the film stars Abella Danger and Small Hands.

The movie starts with Abella Danger plotting to kill Small Hands. And as with most adult films, we can put together how things end up going from there. 

Thorne has stated that it shows the struggle for power and domination as well as the switch between the dominant and submissive roles in the film. It relates to a real-life fight for dominance in the world between males and females. 

The film entitled “Him & Her” debuts at The Oldenburg Film Festival in Germany (September 11th through September 15th). After that, it will be available to Pornhub Premium members. Yes, you will have to pay to see this creation of Bella Thorne’s.

She’s stated that it’s her first time directing something where people are genuinely having sex. Bella Thorne has also always been sex-positive and not ashamed to show her sexuality to the masses. 

This was something new for her, and certainly something new for her fans and those that love to stay up to date on Bella Thorne. Pornhub was excited to get behind her idea and help her with production, and she’s stated that she is grateful that they weren’t afraid to jump on board and help her with her vision. 

“Him & Her” may not be a short film for everyone, but for those that are interested, it could be something new and interesting. What do you think about Bella Thorne’s newest creative endeavor? Tell us in the comments!

Featured image via wikimedia commons


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