This Newest Disney Merch Is ‘The Pick Of The Litter’

The moment we’ve all been waiting for just arrived: Disney is now selling adorable gear that’s focused on dogs!

But I don’t just mean that they’re selling cute doggy sweaters. On the contrary, this gear is all about the dogs of Disney.

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Of course I had to get my boy boy his very own spirit jersey.💕

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The new Disney collection contains approximately 30 items, ranging from adorable bags to sweaters to accessories for our own furry family members.

Plus, featured pooches include the gang from Lady and The Tramp, Dug from Up, Bolt, Percy from Pocahontas, the 101 Dalmatians puppies, and Price Eric’s beloved Max. (Despite all the puppy love, no Pixar pups are included.)

But seriously, who doesn’t want some of this swag?

Also, if this collection wasn’t awesome enough, the dog bowl comes with a matching coffee mug, so you can sip with your precious pup.

So are you ready to score some cute and totally bow-wow-worthy merchandise? Indeed, you can find all the Disney Dogs collection here!

After checking out this collection, what’s your favorite part of this new merchandise lineup? What can’t you wait to buy? Share with us!

Feature Image by Disney Dream Blogs on Instagram


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