30 Flirty Midnight Texts That Will Have Him Crawling Into Your Bed

You can’t sleep, because all you can think about is how badly you want him inside you.

He could be your boyfriend, a friend with benefits, or just someone you want to spend the night with. A few simple sexts will make him crave you like crazy.

The right words can fire up his dirty imagination and make him want you now.

Make him cum to you (pun intended) by simply using your fingertips. These 30 texts will have him jumping out of his bed and crawling into yours… guaranteed!

1) I am naked in bed, thinking about you while I play with myself.

2) I just woke up from a naughty dream. It felt so real that I could almost feel you. Please come over and make my dream a reality.

3) I can’t sleep because my mind is reeling from the crazy things I would do to you if you were here.

4) If you were here right now, we would definitely not get any sleep at all.

5) I just had the dirtiest thought about you. Too dirty to text — come on over and I’ll just show you.

6) Tonight, you’re cordially invited to be a special guest between my legs.

7) I’ve got a very special hug waiting for you… it doesn’t involve my arms, or my hands… I wanna give your penis a tight hug with my vagina.

8) There’s something very wet and slippery downstairs, would you mind coming over to take a look at it?

9) I have my hand down my panties right now, and just the thought of you touching me has me so wet.

10) Guess what I am thinking right now? Here’s a hint: It involves my mouth and you naked!

11) Remember the last time you came in my mouth? Me neither. Let’s make it happen tonight.

12) I want you so badly… Can you cum over right away?

13) I wish you could sleep with me tonight to keep me warm, because I have nothing on.

14) I wanna go on a wild ride. You don’t even have to go far. Just come over and I can ride you all night long.

15) I couldn’t make it to the gym today, so come over and help me get a late night cardio session in!

16) I am reading a magazine, and it has some exciting, naughty positions. If you were here, we could do them all tonight.

17) I’m dying to find out if you are as good in real life as you are in my fantasies.

18) I just bought new lingerie. If you come over, I will model it for you.

19)  I am currently reading erotica. Let’s act out its scenes tonight.

20) Congrats! You have won a coupon for doing anything with me. It expires tonight though.

21) You. Me. Naked. My bed. Tonight.

22) Can’t sleep because everytime I close my eyes, I see you naked. Wish you were here tonight so I could see you naked with my eyes open.

23) I’m up. Just thinking how I can’t wait to run my hands all over your strong body.

24) What are you wearing right now? (Wait on his response.) Oh! Your clothes would look so much better on the floor next to mine.

25) You should come over, and we can pretend we are auditioning for a porn flick.

26) I’m all alone in bed tonight, and I feel like something is missing…. It’s you,  between my legs.

27) I am imagining your hands on my body… your mouth on my body… and finally, your rock hard cock inside.

28) I have a few dirty games in mind, but I need another player. Can you come over and play with me?

29) I’m so wet touching myself. Wishing your hand was down there instead of mine.

30) I wanna blow your mind by simply using my mouth.

I hope some of these sexts can help you score and get him in your bed. Don’t be afraid to click the send button. Be spontaneous, experiment, and enjoy.

Happy sexting!

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

Featured Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash.


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