This Is Why ‘Party In The U.S.A.’ Is America’s Second National Anthem

As the national anthem plays, the people of the United States of America gather every year with their friends and families to celebrate the birth of our nation. While current political situations have tarnished a country once viewed as the “City on the Hill,” Independence Day has given the world so many revolutionary and iconic moments.

This Independence Day, let’s “Party in the U.S.A.”

With that said, why don’t we celebrate an American classic, the 2009 hit single, “Party in the U.S.A.” by none other than American royalty, Miley Cyrus? Every day, I thank my lucky stars that the singer Jessie J passed on making this song her own. Because I can only truly see Miley in her Daisy Dukes belting out this song.

With the song’s release in 2009, no one could even dream that it would withstand the test of time. While critics dismissed it as another teenage party song, many, like myself, would consider this a second national anthem. Everyone knows the words to this incredibly catchy musical treat. At any karaoke bar, I guarantee you that someone will try to recreate the magic of this summer bop.

At this time, when Miley Cyrus declared the death of the Hannah Montana era, she got up on a pole and gave America a new, favorite song to blast at their BBQs and parties. When Miley Cyrus talks about catching a flight to her hometown, it’s relatable in so many ways. People across this vast country leave home every day in hopes of achieving their dreams, but they are always attached to their roots.

This song is as global as it is American.

I’ve found that “Party in the U.S.A.” transcends the borders of this country. I’ve met people from as far away as Australia who can confidently put their hands up when the song plays. And they dance like nobody’s watching.

In all honesty, Miley was very ahead of the times when she talked about fame excess. And it’s something that Americans are guilty of chasing after. When Myspace was at its peak, TMZ and the paparazzi were ruthless, and reality TV was truly spiraling out of control, the idea that anybody could become famous seemed more and more attainable. It’s as if she had a sixth sense. 

So this Independence Day, make sure to include this national treasure in your backyard BBQ playlist. Turn it all the way up and thank the old dude who sang the country part of “Old Town Road” for giving birth to the greatest American icon since white bread.

Feature image by Lindsay McGrath via Unsplash


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