10 Simple Ways To Spread The Love This International World Kindness Day

International World Kindness Day is here!

There are so many ways to be kind to others; simply smiling at someone can makes their day so much better. We need to spread kindness as much as we can, especially around this time of the year, which can be difficult for many people. Here are 10 random acts of kindness that are sure to put smiles on your friends’ faces!

1. Write a letter.

Yes… an old-fashioned letter! Actually take the time to write someone a letter, put it in an envelope, stick a stamp on it, and send it in the mail. It’s as simple as that. Nowadays, we’re always sending text messages and emails to each other. and that’s it. It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten how to communicate with other people. Everyone loves getting something in the mail from someone they care about, though. I guarantee you that if you take just 15 minutes out of your day and write someone a letter, you will make that person’s day special. It shows  that you are thinking of them and care enough to give them your time.

2. Pay it forward.

Have you ever been in line somewhere, getting ready to pay, and the cashier informed you that the person ahead of you paid for your order? It’s a pretty awesome feeling, right? Well, next time, pay it for the person who is behind you in line. Not only will it make them smile, but you’ll also feel amazing because you did something for someone else. Hopefully, it will inspire them to do the same thing the next time they go out!

3. Bring donuts to a police station.

I feel that a lot of the time, we forget that police are humans, too, and they’re just doing their jobs. On television, you always see the typical police officer with a coffee cup in one hand and a doughnut in the other. Well, make that scenario a reality! Stop by your local police station, and drop off a box of Dunkin’ and some freshly-brewed coffee. You’ll probably get a chuckle out of them, but trust me; it’ll make their day. (After all, who doesn’t love donuts?)

4. Leave a positive note.

There are so many places you can spread a positive reminder: on a friend’s windshield, in a book, on a desk at school, or even on a grocery store shelf. Stick positive Post-It notes anywhere you can think of, even the most unexpected places. It’s guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day.

5. Smile at a stranger.

Sometimes, when you’re having one of the worst days of your life, all you need is someone to make you smile. When someone does make you smile, you probably feel a lot better about your lousy day. I love it when that happens to me, and I always love knowing that I made somebody smile, too. A smile is a small gesture, but it’s a powerful one. You never know what someone is going through, and just smiling at them could brighten their day.

6. Clean your table.

As someone who works in the food service industry, I completely understand what feels like to walk over to a table and see a disastrous jumble of dishes, napkins, and drinks. Not only is the mess disgusting to have to clean up, but it’s also extremely rude to keep your table so untidy. Stacking up your dishes nicely and keeping the table clean makes your server’s job lot easier.

7. Leave money in random places.

Have you ever seen a child’s face when they find a quarter or  dollar on the floor? They honestly look like they hit the jackpot. Next time you have spare change in your coat pocket, put it in a spot that no one would expect. Children and adults alike will appreciate your sweet gesture!

8. Volunteer in your community.

When I was little, I used to deliver Thanksgiving turkeys to families that couldn’t afford them. Seeing the looks on their faces when we opened the doors to give them their food gave me a feeling I will never forget. Volunteering shows you that you can change a life in the blink on an eye. By donating a bit of your time, you’re making someone’s day so much more fulfilling.

9. Bake sweets for your loved ones.

I’m one of those people who loves to bake. (I’m known for my brownies!) Whenever I find out that someone is having a rough day,  I always try to bake them something the next day. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about baking homemade desserts that just makes you feel good. It will make your friends feel good, too, especially when they try some of your delicious treats!

10. Hug your friends who are struggling.

When you’re feeling down, don’t you love it when someone gives you a hug? I know I do! It’s almost as if all of your sadness melts away. Next time you see someone who is struggling in life, give them a big hug, and don’t let go until they do. You never know how much someone may have needed a giant bear hug.

We need so much more kindness in this world. Always remember that no act of kindness is too small to matter. Just do what you can to make someone smile, and I promise that it will make you smile, too.

Previously published on Odyssey.

Featured Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash.


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