Hot Artist Alert: You Will Fall In Love With Molly Kate Kestner’s Music

Molly Kate Kestner released her latest single, “My Way Up,” on May 31, 2019. Since its release, “My Way Up” has slowly “moved its way up” in the independent pop music world. Prior to the song’s release, Molly Kate Kestner canceled her contract with major record label Atlantic Records, and is finally free to creatively express herself in her own way.

On her Facebook page, Kestner wrote to her loyal fans, “This past year has been one of the hardest. It’s been a year of loss, disappointment, struggle, and stress.” However, she added that, “The beauty of hitting a new low is that you reach a new depth inside yourself” and introduced her powerful new single. With “My Way Up,” Molly shares her heart-wrenching experiences in a catchy three-minute empowerment anthem that delves into self-reflection and vulnerability.

Who is Molly Kate Kestner?

Molly Kate Kestner rose to fame when her heartfelt ballad, “His Daughter” went viral after George Takei and Jordin Sparks shared it on Facebook. Since then, she has appeared on Good Morning America as well as numerous news outlets. Her wholesome personality, authenticity, artistry, and deep, resonant voice drew others to her. An agent at Atlantic Records approached her, and she soon signed a record deal with the label. From 2014 to 2018, she released seven singles and co-wrote two songs with Kelly Clarkson:  “Move You” and “Slow Dance.”

However, despite her prolificity in the music world, Kestner has never officially released a full-length album.

Although we may never know everything about Molly’s experience as a signed artist, we know that Molly is back and better than ever! After over a year of silence, Molly displays her newfound wisdom and vulnerability in her newest single.

“My Way Up” lifts you up, and it’s her strongest work yet.

While no song may ever compare to “His Daughter,” Molly has definitely grown into a stronger, more self-assured artist. This time, Molly is telling her story, confronting her demons, and growing in the process. Her new single speaks to the universal theme of forging your own path in life, against all odds. She stands in her truth and bares her soul, even after experiencing many setbacks and feeling lost during her sudden rise. Her lyrics provide depth and originality without pretension, and most importantly, they resonate with 20-somethings on the road to self-discovery.

Musically, Molly’s soaring vocals have improved, and they perfectly deliver her resolute message of inner strength. Production-wise, Kestner’s soulful sound is reminiscent of Adele. Molly intermixes gospel sounds with radio-hit-worthy pop – while still adhering to her signature down-to-earth style.

If you’re looking for a relatable new summer single from a completely underrated artist, look no further than Molly Kate Kestner’s “My Way Up.” And just maybe, you’ll find your way up, too.

Listen to her latest single and let us know what you think!

Feature image via Molly Kate Kestner



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