10 Fantastic Hen Party Ideas For Every Type Of Bride Tribe

What could be a better way to throw a hen party than spending the entire day with your besties shopping, going to the spa, getting manicures and pampering yourselves. With your wedding day coming up, it’s the right time to start planning for hen’s night. Getting drunk and roaming the beautiful streets of London is a fantastic way to enjoy the pre-wedding celebration. So, if you are planning to have a blast with your hens, take inspiration from these quirky hen’s party ideas, which are fabulous for every type of friend.

Naughty Night Out

How about getting all your girlfriends together in a Limo Find limousine and heading straight to a men’s strip club or a casino? A hen’s party is the perfect time to have the wild night of your dreams. Ask your girls to show their moves and drink hard. The best way to enjoy this hen’s night out is to rent a limo or a town car, so you don’t have to worry about a designated driver.

Tea Time

If you’re a kind of bride who likes a relaxed, fun day out, then high tea would be an ideal option for you. The best thing about high teas is that they are great for all ages. So, if you want your mom, grandmother, siblings, and cousins to accompany you, then go for a tea outing. High teas are an amazing option for hen’s parties, as they allow brides to rest and chit-chat with their besties for hours on end.

Floral Crown Party

If you’re a nature-loving, boho-chic bride, making DIY floral crowns is a fun, creative idea for your hens. Buy some natural flowers from the market, and gather up your friends to create some beautiful floral crowns. The best part is that your besties can wear their crowns on the wedding day, too.


Wine-tasting is always a great idea for your hen’s day out. It is exciting, full of fun, and super relaxing. It allows you to sit with your best friends for a most of the day and enjoy the beautiful sunset with them. Moreover, if you’re a more conservative bride, no one’s getting nude for this hens.

Dinner & Movie Night

If you live in London, you may have t endless f dine-in restaurant options. From incredible shisha lounges to live-music cafes, there’s a perfect restaurant for every hen’s party. Get your girl gang, dine at London’s sexiest lounge, grab a fancy dinner, and head to a movie. This is a great way to end the day well without getting too wild.

Baking Class

If dessert is your weakness, then perhaps a baking class might be the right option for your hen’s party. Grab your group and spent a day learning new cake and pastry recipes. A baking class party is an exciting way to have a fun, crazy hen’s party without getting super out-of-control.. If you’re a creative,  sugar-crazy bride, you’re sure to love a baking class hen’s.

Electric Go-Karting

If you are kind of bride who likes to do crazy, out-of-the-box activities, then take your girl gang electric go-karting. Go-karting is a fun,  exciting way to escape your everyday responsibilities.c After an adventurous day go-karting with your girls cool down with a dinner and movie night.

Make Your Own Perfume Party

If you are a bride who loves little things in life, then taking a make-your-own perfume class is an ideal way to enjoy your hen’s afternoon. Perfume-making classes are always lots of fun for creative brides who own every perfume known to man. The best part? These classes usually use natural flowers. Grab your favourite flowers and create your own unique, lovely scent. Don’t forget to wear the perfume you made at your hen’s!


For brides who love to explore, travelling to a different city and checking out the landscape is a perfect idea for a hen’s party. Getting away from the busy city and travelling to the hills is relaxing and rejuvenating. This option is ideal for the brides who are always ready to pack up and get away.

Horror Party

If you are a bride who loves horror movies, then an escape room would be the perfect option for your hen’s. Getting your gang,  locking yourselves in a dark room, and watching horror movies all night would be a fun, low-keyway to celebrate your hen’s party. You’ll have loads of fun, and it’s perfect for those who want a more action-packed day that is quite quirky, too.

There are so many choices to make your hen’s night fit your tastes. These 10 parties are just a few fantastic and fun ways to enjoy your last moments before the big day.

Feature Image by Zoriana Stakhniv via Unsplash


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