You Won’t Believe How Old Your Favorite Childhood Celebs Are Now

Over the past few months, the pop culture landscape has shown millennials that we are, in fact, aging. We’ve found ourselves reflecting upon how much we love the shows and movies that define our generation and even expressing how iconic the actors and actresses who starred in them are.

I don’t know about other millennials, but I’ve found that when I see my favourite childhood stars in new projects, paying respects to their old roles, or embracing the positions they were embarrassed about before, I wonder how old they all are.

It turns out that our favourite celebrities do age (no matter how much we don’t want them to), and it’ll make you feel old AF.

Hilary Duff – 31

Hilary’s starred in movies and TV shows, has toured the world, and has her own fashion line. Plus. she’s already been married, has two kids, and is engaged again. The kicker? She’s only in her thirties.

Zac Efron – 31

How is Troy Bolton the same age as Lizzie McGuire? I simply do not know…

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – 32

You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t have at least one article of clothing from the Olsen twins’ kids’ line or one of their movies at home. But can someone please explain how those movies we adored came out so long ago?  

Drake Bell – 32

At least Drake Bell still looks the same as he when he was a child star. Still, though, how in the world is he already 32?

Emma Watson – 29

Let’s be honest: We all grew up wanting to be Hermione Granger. Now, we envy Emma’s red carpet style and wonder how Hermoine is our age.

Tahj Mowry – 33

Remember the kid from Smart Guy? Well, he’s 33 years old and now could very well have a smart kid of his own.

Chris Brown – 30

You’ll definitely spit out your drink when you realize that Chris is already 30. How? And furthermore, how?

Mandy Moore – 35

Thanks to Mandy’s movies and TV shows, we all learned what true love is But when exactly did this lovebird become a thirtysomething? Someone please explain how time flies so quickly because I just do not get it.

Chad Michael Murray – 37

Chad now plays a dad in a modern TV series, (he currently plays Edgar Evernever on Riverdale) which officially makes us all old. To us, though, he’ll still be Lucas Scott and Austin Ames forever.

Backstreet Boys – AJ 40, Howie 44, Nick 38, Brian 44 and Kevin 46

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Happy Easter!

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When did our beloved boys turn into actual old men? We’d still get down with them if we had the chance, though…

Jojo – 28

It’s not “too little, too late” to notice that we’ve officially been listening to Jojo’s heartbreak bangers for over 14 years now. She still feels like the awkward teen from Aquamarine, though, so how is she almost 30?

Frankie Muniz – 33

Sadly I wish I was a Big Fat Liar about Frankie’s age, but sadly, I’m not. He really is that old…

Vanessa Hudgens – 30

Remember when we know her as Vanessa Anne Hudgens, and we all wanted to be her? Those were simpler times, but apparently, they’re over. It’s time to face the fact that our fave is all grown up.

Leonardo DiCaprio – 44

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Hollywood. 1969. #OnceUponATimeInHollywood

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Leo DiCaprio might be older, but we’re officially the same age as the women he likes to date! Let’s not waste our time, ladies, because this is our chance to finally be with our childhood crush!

Raven – 33

Oh snap… Raven’s quickly approaching her mid-thirties!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas – 37

Jonathan may still look young, but at 37, he definitely doesn’t act young. He doesn’t even have an Instagram for us to stalk him on, which makes him feel even older.

Lindsay Lohan – 32

It feels like Lindsay Lohan was in her twenties forever, but it still doesn’t seem real that she’s in her thirties.

Tia & Tamera Mowry – 40

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#sister, #Sister #cousin,#cousin

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These sisters don’t look a day over thirty, so the fact that they are in their forties is just scary. Can they please tell us the secret behind their youthful looks?

Jesse McCartney – 30

His beautiful soul doesn’t look a day over 24, and we’re all still in shock about it.

Paris Hilton – 38

I’m sorry, Paris is how old? That’s hot.

It really is scary to think that our favorite childhood stars aren’t necessarily young anymore. When did they all become so old? Which begs the question, when the heck did we get so old? Either way, it’s impressive that we still keep up with our childhood celebs’ lives, even though we no longer see them on the covers of J-14 and Tiger Beat.

Who was your all-time favourite celebrity idol or crush from your childhood? Let us know in the comments!

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