What You Need To Know About The EP Miley Cyrus Dropped Last Night

Miley Cyrus surprised fans last night by not only releasing a new single, but by releasing a full EP!

‘She Is Coming’ was anticipated to be just a new song, but fans were pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning and see a few new songs appeared on the former child star’s iTunes and YouTube pages.

Turns out the 6 song EP is equipped with songs that average about just over two minutes, collaborations and a mixture of genres so no two songs sound the same. Miley has been able to cover everything from hip hop to country and does it effortlessly, and this EP is a perfect reflection of that.

And in case you are wondering which genre she chose to mainly highlight on, since her last album was more old school country, ‘She Is Coming’ is very similar to her ‘Bangerz’ phase. Which means tons of new summer smash singles from her are among us.

Here’s a breakdown of all the songs:

Mother’s Daughter

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d like this song at all but it’s actually really catchy and empowering. I’m sure this will be a new feminism anthem as it talks about the strength of a woman and how we quite frankly can’t be tamed. (Haha, get it?)


This song is basically discussing how even though she was raised religious she knows that as an adult she’s unholy and elaborates on her reasons why and how she embraces who she’s become despite of that. It’s a super catchy song and is oddly relatable to listeners, so I’m sure we’ll hear more of this one.

D.R.E.A.M ft. Ghostface Killah

Again, I oddly liked this song and the vibe that comes with it. It’s a perfect mixture of hip hop with old school r&b and a little bit of modern pop. Her ability to switch and combine genres is impressive, and I like that she showcased that ability on this song. It’s super catchy and one you can definitely picture a good remix to in the club.

Party Up The Street Ft. Swae Lee, Mike WiLL Made-It

The backyard BBQ reggae jam is strong with this song and I find it oddly relaxing. Maybe this is a new sound she’s trying to explore or a mix she’s really trying to get into. But I oddly like it.

The Most

While I’m unsure if this is supposed to be a ballad turned slightly more upbeat song, I do like it. Her vocals mimic the strength in her voice that we know and love from her cover of ‘Jolene’ and it’s absolutely awesome to hear her do it in a different kind of genre.

Cattitude Ft. RuPaul

Some people are really digging this track, as she teased it a few days ago during a performance. But I personally think it’s garbage and an awful reminder of her ‘Dead Petz’ album and cringey phase.

All in all I feel like this is Miley’s most honest work that she’s done in a while. She seems so passionate promoting this work and you can tell that in each song it’s her true and authentic self that we haven’t heard in a while. I think because she’s so versatile in her ability to perform different genres that she’s lost her sound a bit in her last two records. But this sounds genuine and I love her confidence!

Do you have a favourite song on her new EP? Comment yours below!

Featured image via Miley Cyrus


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