To The Person Who Loves You More Than You Love Yourself

This poem is entitled To The One I Love The Most because in our lifetime, we usually meet someone who picks us up during our most difficult times— someone who appreciates us for who we are, despite our imperfections and struggles. This person chooses to stay and patiently listen, even when we feel miserable and unlovable. We find this unimaginable; no one has ever done these things for us before. And everyday, we are at loss for words but beyond grateful for someone’s unconditional love. When you have someone who loves you in this rare yet beautiful way, here is a poem to remind you that you are worthy of love, even when you feel most undeserving of it:

To the one I love the most:
You have seen me as if I am the Summer sun:
A fiery ball in the sky,
flaming and glowing.

How could you see the best in me when I couldn’t see it myself?

“And even when I sometimes wither,

like the Autumn leaves that fall,
you collect me and made me whole.

How could you love me when I couldn’t love myself?

There are days when I thought you would give up on me,
those days when my heart was as cold as a snow in Winter.
But, you never did.
Your love is so warm
that it melts my heart.
Seems so right,
like it perfectly fits me.

How could you not give up on me when I gave up on myself?

Tonight as I look up at the sky,
I realized how much you love me–
you loved me like you loved all the phases of the moon,
despite the changing seasons of my heart.
Then it hits me:
It is you who has loved me the most.

To you, the one who loves me the most:
Let me go so I could grow
like a budding, delicate Spring flower.
And when I have fully grown,
I can finally give you the love that you deserve,
the love you have always shown.

At times, we may believe that we are inherently unworthy of love because of how much we receive in contrast with what we return. However, we must always remember that no matter what happens, we need to cherish the affection that someone has given us freely so that we learn to love ourselves. We may not start out loving ourselves, but the more we see ourselves through a lover’s eyes, we’ll realize that we are lovable as we are. But as beautiful as another’s love may be, sometimes, you’ll find yourself alone, for our love tank will never be full if there is a hole in it, especially when we can only patch that hole by loving ourselves. Sometimes, all you got is you, and time will come that you will say, that is okay.

Photo by Jonas Weckschmied on Unsplash


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