When You Should Choose To Mend Your Relationship Instead Of Ending It

According to Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved”, “…It’s not always rainbows and butterflies; it’s compromise that moves us along.” Surprise visits, dinner dates, kisses on the forehead, and tight hugs at the front door are just a few of the simple things that make our stomach flutter when we’re in love. But as time goes by, your relationship will change, and you will feel puzzled about how those changes should affect you. You may face challenges in your relationship that lead you to part ways because it’s the easiest way out. But for people who truly love each other, love isn’t something you just easily give up.

In every relationship, mishaps are unavoidable.

When we dwell too much on the mistakes, we end up feeling lost and broken. However, although relationship trouble is inevitable, you can change how you respond to it. After all, when your love is greater than your hurt, you will make room for growth without letting go. Like what they say, “grow through what you go through,” but this time, do it together, without letting your partner face the struggles alone.

Sometimes, we are so absorbed in our own problems that we completely neglect our relationships and take our partners for granted. As a result, we no longer see our partner’s wants and needs, which can put our relationships in danger.

But when we try putting ourselves aside, we start to clear what’s blocking us from seeing what we’re missing. Sometimes, we realize that compromise is better than conflict, peace is better than being right, and somehow, swallowing our pride isn’t shameful. We discover that love can truly be reason enough to forgive.

We shouldn’t throw away everything just because it seems broken.

Sometimes, you really do have to be broken to be made whole. The most beautiful things, like the most beautiful relationships, are those that have dents and scratches, for they have been through pain. They were once broken but have fought through the struggle and have remained.

Love isn’t only when you are happy and all else works fine. It chooses to stay even when things are failing. Love chooses to struggle together rather than be comfortable alone, and it will always find joy in doing so.

It may be a rough road, but in every damage from all the rocks we have hit, we will always say it has been worth it when we choose to mend than end.

Featured Photo by Savs on Unsplash.


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