Why You Should Date Someone Who Challenges You

Last summer, I caught a fish. I have photo evidence of this occurring, for those of you who can’t picture a suburban girl whose interests include (but aren’t limited to) online shopping and blogging. But, I did. I caught an actual fish, and I posed for a picture with it as any good fishermen and women would do.

As you can probably guess, I don’t do that often.

But, sometimes you meet people. One of those people along the way just might get you to touch a fish with your bare hands.

What I mean is, it’s a special thing to be able to find someone that broadens your horizons. Someone who pushes you out of your comfort zone, takes you to places you’ve never been before, teaches you things you wouldn’t have learned on your own. These are probably going to be some of the most important people in your life.

Date someone who challenges your beliefs.

Someone who finds them as interesting as you are, but can posit them with his or her own views. The world isn’t about only finding people that think the exact same way you do. Find someone that you can have an engaging discussion with, someone that wants to share his or her passions and ideals with you. Things will never be boring, I can tell you that much.

Date someone who challenges what society has taught you to feel about yourself.

Someone who never lets you feel like you’re somehow not good enough because you’re not a size 2 with a deep tan. Someone that tells you and shows you how beautiful you are, and not just when you’re dolled up for the night, but when you wake up and your hair’s a mess and your makeup’s off.

Date someone who makes you want to challenge yourself.

That someone should make you want to be the best version of you that you can possibly be. And not just for them – for yourself. Find someone that makes you want to be better, whether that be academically, physically, or anything else. Someone that doesn’t hold you back, but lifts you up.

Date someone who’s also up for a challenge.

That someone should want to be challenged by you, as well. Relationships aren’t always easy – sometimes you fight. Sometimes you get under each other’s skin. However, the real keeper is the one who wants to work through those issues with you. At the end of the day, regardless of any obstacles, that someone cares more about you and your relationship than a small bump in the road.

Who knows, that someone might get you to enjoy country concerts and to see the appeal of driving a truck. Maybe that someone will get you to jump out of a plane, or run a 5K, or go back to school. Either way, that person adds something to your life that was lacking before.

People are too often scared away by the thought of a “challenge.” What they don’t realize is that they could be shying away from the most rewarding experience of their lives. Take it from me: there’s much less adventure and excitement in your comfort zone. Consider dating a new type of partner, one who continually pushes you and brings variety to your ordinary routine. After all, the best things in life often don’t come without a challenge.

Featured image via Roberto Nickson on Unsplash


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