MAC Is Dropping An ‘Aladdin’ Collection That’s A Whole New World

As if we couldn’t be more excited for the release of the live action Aladdin remake (which is soaring soar into theaters on May 24th), MAC Cosmetics just announced that they’re dropping an Aladdin collection to celebrate!

The new collection comes equipped with three dreamy products: a fuchsia lipstick, an eyeshadow palette, and a bronzer.

According to the press release, Jasmine herself inspired the collection. The products “highlight the strength and beauty of Jasmine, with a colour collection that shows she is confident and strong-willed; inspiring all of us to express ourselves in any way we desire.”

The product’s packaging also drew inspiration from “the rich patterns and vibrant colours of Agrabah, where Aladdin and Jasmine’s exciting story unfolds.”

Let’s take a minute to delve into each product so you get all of the magical details (and admire the on-point packaging and artwork because it is so stunning)! And let me tell you, you ain’t ever had a friend like these products.


I love the gold packaging on this lipstick, mainly because it totally seems rich enough for Abu to steal from the Cave of Wonders. The pattern on the outside definitely pays tribute to Princess Jasmine’s signature clothing colour in the original animated film. It also compliments the bright fuchsia lipstick shade as well, which looks perfect for those summer parties!

Eyeshadow Palette

From the outside, this product looks like part of the Sultan’s beautiful palace and pays homage to the purple colours of the original film.

Princess Jasmine will surely envy the shimmering hues in this nine-shade palette. I am living for this product, which is definitely fit for a soon-to-be queen!


Like the other products in this collection, the bronzer’s packaging is so desirable and feminine-looking. Plus, I love the symbolic lotus flower in the design.

What I really love, though, is the beautifully embossed magic lamp design in the bronzer itself. It’s almost like you’re digging through the sand and rubbing the lamp so all of your bronzed goals come true. It also tributes the iconic symbol in the films.

This entire collection makes me want to become Princess Jasmine more than ever before. And if this doesn’t give you her feels, then you might be an aspiring Jafaar, because this is everything Jasmine stands for: class, sophistication, simplicity, and elegance.

This collaboration is so fitting that it’s almost as if Walt Disney created the makeup himself. Sadly, as we all know, one of the  many wishes the Genie cannot grant is to bring people back from the dead, so it’s not quite a reincarnation of Walt Disney. But the attention to detail in the delicate palette is so accurate and well-placed.

Your wishes will come true on May 16th when the collection launches online and in stores. So, start saving your lucky pennies and prepare to drop some serious dope since we don’t have a genie to gift us these beautiful items. If only…

Feature Image via Instagram


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