13 Childhood Stories Shared On Twitter That Are Hilarious AF

Do you ever think back to some of the things you did as a child and think, “Oh my gosh, why would I do that?” Let’s be honest, we all have a slightly embarrassing but cute story from our past that we can reminisce and laugh about now.

Recently, one Twitter user asked other users to share a childhood moment that explains who they are today. Let me tell you, people got really creative!  Some shared stories that explained their future professions, others shared stories that proved they haven’t changed, while others are just so bizarre they had to be shared. But no matter what story you come across, you can’t help but laugh at them because you can picture a little kid doing it!

The creator of the tweet even shared her own response, which is relatable and empowering all in one.

But then she let us share our own hilarious responses.

My parents would have KILLED me if I had done this, especially for such a crappy show.

I can’t even lie, this is actually adorable!

As a parent I’d be so upset I missed it, but I’d be thrilled at the same time that she was so independent and determined to teach herself.

This is so innocent yet so hilarious because how else would you be able to explain yourself as a child?

For a second I thought he was trying to act like the Grinch, but then the ending happened.


This is as sweet as creating mini plays as a kid!

This is something I could totally picture being on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Did anyone else read this in a British accent or was it just me?

Move aside tea parties, this was where the real business got handled.

This girl was not to be messed with and it shows.

I would have totally been caught doing the same thing when I was a child, and I’m pretty sure any other child would have and would do the same.

To be honest, I did this with a grilled cheese sandwich at Girl Guides Camp because the girl who made it burnt it and I wasn’t going to eat it! So I shoved it in my coat pocket for my mom to find. She was not impressed.

Now that you’ve read those, here is my personal memory!

It took place when I was around 5 years old.  My mom and grandpa were fixing the fence in our backyard. I was inside with my brother who was almost 2 and he found one of the screws from the screwdriver kit and put it in my mouth. My hungry-hippo-ass thought it was chocolate, so I went to tell my mom and my grandpa just yelled, “Jesus Christ, Linda,” indicating that she really should have supervised me a lot more. She then spent the next week checking my poop to see if we could find it but we never did.

Do you have any hilarious, slightly embarrassing or definitively innocent childhood memories? Share yours in the comments below!

Photo via ian dooley


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